Whenever I hear someone claim that they are a spiritual being having a human experience, it bothers me—the way a sliver in my finger bothers me. I don’t notice it until someone says it again, and then I feel that familiar irritation. I have long pondered why this is my response and have come to the conclusion there is, actually, no good reason. After all, I think both are true—we are both human and spiritual/energetic—so why should it matter to me which side of the ethers people form their identity around.

But what I have realized is that often when people say they are spiritual beings having a human experience, I detect a hint of superiority in their claim, along with a slight dissing of we who haven’t yet fully owned this pinnacle of understanding or perception, and are still mere mortals. So, I detect slight judgement, and naturally enough, I in turn judge them for their position. This accounts for my sense of slight irritation, since any time my thoughts are not in coherence with my heart, I will inevitably receive some feedback to let me know I’m not in sync.

Another component of this blip in the radar of my equanimity is that as much as I meditate, contemplate, study, observe, witness, write about, dream, and embody higher states of consciousness (i.e. my spiritual/energetic nature), I adore being here in physical form (as a double-Taurus my experience this time is all about sensory experiences). And more so, I project that each and every one of us loves this physical life as well, otherwise, we wouldn’t have arranged to be here in this way.

Yes, yes, I understand that for new ideas to take hold there is often a period of the pendulum swinging to the other end before returning to center. I understand that the awareness of our spiritual/ divine/higher intelligence nature is part of our evolutionary trajectory of consciousness, and in the big picture is a positive sign. I also understand that our spiritual nature is devoid of ego, so the aspect making this claim of being “spirit in body” is not the spiritual nature!

It’s certainly not beyond the realm of possibility that I am entirely projecting and that this is entirely “my stuff.” Still, I am fairly confident that I am not the only one who has had this mildly reactive experience, and that even if it is projection, this doesn’t mean that it’s not true. And while it may sound a little preachy, I cannot help but want to say this to those who prefer to identify exclusively as spiritual beings having a human experience:

Do not squander your life trying to escape or transcend the aspects of the flesh. This embodied experience is rich with learning and experience, with beauty, with the innocence of children, with the textures and colors, and flavors and fragrances that we long for in our disembodied state. So much so, that after a time, once we leave our bodies and join the universal wave, we forget the trials and pain of physicality and want to return to this beautiful planet again and again. Yes, integrate your expanded awareness into your being, and move through the world with your higher, divine nature as your compass. Make compassion and gratitude a daily habit, remembering that love is the common currency flowing through the universe, regardless of your state of being. The time may well come when humanity’s expression evolves into a non-physical state, but we are light years away from this, so right now, enjoy. A lifetime on this beautiful planet is precious and brief. Love, laugh, learn. Enjoy, enjoy!

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Julie Clayton is the Reviews Editor for New Consciousness Review, a showcase for books and films about spirituality and inspiration, new science, self-help and enlightened living at http://www.ncreview.com. Julie is also a writer and developmental editor for new consciousness books, and can be reached at juliekay@sacredwriting.com.