Yes, Long story short, vapes are totally healthier than cigarettes. While the technology is much newer than other smoking options, common science at this point has an understanding of the chemicals that go into vape juice, as well as their effects on human physiology and animal physiology alike. So, we pretty much know what these compounds can and can’t do to the human body, and there is no real cause for alarm.

But, why is smoking so unhealthy? It’s not the nicotine, nicotine may be addictive but unless it’s in extremely high concentrations, they can’t actually harm an adult human. Smoke is made of ash and nasty carcinogens, byproducts of combustion. Obviously, these are bad for your lungs, as they eventually cause cancer, respiratory diseases, heart disease among many other things.

Here’s the thing, though. Vapes do not perform combustion whatsoever. In truth, they just utilize an electric heating coil which causes a special juice to heat up and vaporize, and that’s what you inhale. What is this juice made of? An alternative source of nicotine, some sort of glycerin base and artificial flavoring. That’s all that’s in it, like we said, and we know what these things due to the human body. The nicotine is a very addictive substance, so if you aren’t already addicted to it, we avoid sticking with nicotine-free juices, which are literally just the glycerin base and the flavoring.

Now, is not just about this being far, far healthier. That’s the most important thing, but even more interesting is the flavor combinations that can be provided. When something isn’t being burned, more complicated flavor compounds can be put into it, flavor compounds that don’t have to survive combustion, and that don’t have to worry about tasting the same when released from a base through the same said combustion.

You can have flavors like banana milkshake, strawberry ice cream, coffee, chocolate, you name it. It tastes so much better than any cigarette can, and if you are used to menthol, anything with “ice” or “meant” will probably fill the void you need to fill.

Vapes are also very useful for gradually giving up nicotine if you desire to do so. We all know the things like patches and gums may avenge blue, but they don’t make quitting any easier of experience to endure. No, it’s pretty miserable. You can start out with the 5 mg vape juice, and gradually, you can work your way down to the nicotine-free vapes, and at that point, all you’re really inhaling is the glycerin compound in flavoring, which honestly can’t hurt you. At that point, you could probably drop them altogether if you really needed to, but you may as well just enjoy them, they can do no further harm.

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This article penned by Lora Davis