Elegant, clean and easy to pull-off- upstyles have become a style statement in itself adored by each and everyone. But, when it comes to the ideal match for these happening updos, many often wonder whether medium or long hair would do the trick? Professional upstyle artist comprehend to the fact that there are certain styles that look good on long hair, while there are others that appear stunning on medium length hair.

So, how exactly can you figure out what kind of style will be suitable for your hair type and length? Read ahead to find out more.

Getting The Perfect Updos With Medium Length Hair

When done right, medium tresses can be styled in an elegant way and that too with minimal fuss and complexities. Some of the popular styles that can be taken into consideration are:

  • Messy Bun: Chic and uber, the messy bun is all about keeping it casual. In fact, it's known to be an amazing fix for those terrible hair days, where a few elastics, teasing comb, hairspray and headband will be more than enough to hold a spectacular style.


  • Rope Braid Bun: The braid bun provides an artistic take onto the hair, making it fantastic for proms, events and other important occasions where you aspire to look special, confident and charming.


  • Low Bun & Side Braids: Chignons remain timeless, and for those who have medium length tresses, an half-tie chignon would pour you with tons of compliments.

Apart from this, there are many more ways by which medium length beauties can style their hair using the services of the best hair stylist in San Diego.

What About Upstyles For Long Tresses?

Like medium length hair, the ones with long tresses can achieve the best of upstyles for casual night outs, formal meets or wedding too. A few spectacular options to look after are:

  • French Twist Updo: Whether you have round, square, heart or rectangular shaped face, the French twist updo will never disappoint you. Feathered or side bangs go exceptionally well with this style.


  • Puffy Pony Tail: After trying this hair style, you will never stick to the same old traditional pony tail again. It adds volume to hair and is quick, where a few creative touchups in the hair salon would complete the look.


  • Crown Twist: This is sophisticated hairdo that you would love to have for your friend's wedding or other special events. It imparts an attractive vibe that would instantly transform you to the star attraction of the crowd.

There you have it, both medium and long length hair are great for upstyle, the trick apparently lies in the type of style that you choose.

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