Unsecured loans are the most seek options by many when they are looking for emergency cash assistance. The reason being their quick approval and easy availability. At times, you will be surprised to know these unsecured loans are rejected too. Knowing the reasons behind the rejection of the loans online ahead of applying it will shield you against unwanted circumstances.

Change Business Models

There is a significant change in the way that unsecured loans work from the past. The credit union of Australia keep changing or updating the rules regarding these loans. If you apply for the loans without knowing the new/ changed rules, you may fail to understand the working process of the loan, and you may apply for the loan without checking the new eligibility terms as per the changed rules, and it may result in the rejection of the loan.

Credit Score

As per the new changed guidelines of credit union Australia, the lenders are now mandated to check the credit score while processing the loans. The online lenders to ask for good credit score to process and approve the Unsecured Personal Loans. As the loans are sanctioned without pledging the security, they need you to have a good credit score to sanction the loan. The lender may ask credit report to process the loan there are great chances of loan rejection if you apply for the loan with poor credit. You need to apply for the loan with good credit for high chances of the loan approval. When you are applying for the loans online, credit score though might be an important aspect for loan approval; there is no complete denial of the loan application. There are chances that lender may review your loan application and judge the reasons behind your poor credit score before loan rejection.

Borrower Profile

Sometimes, the borrower profile can be a reason for loan rejection too. Though it sounds disgusting to hear the rejection of the loan when you are looking for emergency cash. When the lender rejects the loan application considering your profile, it is not advised to approach another lender requesting the loan; you should rather understand the reasons behind it.


This is one of the biggest hidden reason why unsecured personal loans are rejected. The lenders have Australia have a few regulations in place while making an affordability check. The assessment of the affordability of the loan is checked by your income Vs expenses to check if there is any leftover amount to repay the bills promptly. If affordability is the reason for your loan rejection, you need to focus on spending less and saving more. You can also try doing a part-time job to increase your income levels.

Credit History

Of course, credit history is one of the biggest reasons of many why the loans are entirely rejected. Every lender checks credit history before approving the loan so; it is always advisable to apply for the loan with good credit history. Most of the online lenders don’t reveal this reason, but, this is a fact behind why most of the loans online are rejected. Make an effort to improve your credit score and apply for the loan later to increase the chances of the loan approval.

Applying For Loans Multiple Times

Unsecured personal loans at breezyloans.com.au are of course easy money but, this does not mean that you can apply for the loan each time you fall short of cash. Taking loan multiple times a year may reveal your financial greediness to the lender and lender may also doubt about your financial management skills and thus reject your loan application.

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