Travel has now become more accessible than ever however frequent commuters or travellers in India are often faced with one persistent problem -- the public washroom. There are several washroom facilities around the country that are not that hygienic and are breeding grounds for a plethora of bacteria. This can be a potent threat to human beings.

However, no one can ignore nature’s call. Although, it is very unlikely that you will contact any serious diseases from the toilet seat. Nevertheless, you must completely sanitize the washroom before using them.

Use a toilet seat sanitizer

In order to protect yourself from any kind of toilet-borne disease or bacteria. For instance, use Safekind’s toilet seat disinfectant spray. It helps sterilize the washroom and the seat prior to using it. Most toilet seat sanitizers can be sprayed over faucets as well thereby ensuring that you have a clean experience when you enter the public washroom. You can use the toilet seat sanitizer at home as well-- another added benefit is that when you have guests at home, rest assured that even they will have a clean experience.

What is the importance of using a toilet seat disinfectant spray?

It is better than using the toilet paper

One of the most common trends is that people place a layer of toilet paper over the seat before sitting on it, thinking that it will act as a barrier between the skin and the toilet. However, did you know that toilet paper is a breeding ground for bacterias? So, when you flush the toilet with the lid up, millions of particles of bacteria are propelled into the air which lands on the toilet paper and the dispenser. This results in bacteria contaminating the toilet paper.

On the other hand, a few sprays of the toilet seat disinfectant spray can effectively clean and eliminate the harmful pathogen present on the toilet seat, rather than exposing you to more bacteria/germs.

More effective than wiping it down with paper

Some people don’t lay out an entire layer of toilet paper, instead, they take dry tissue paper to clean off any visible fluids or marks present on the toilet seat before and after using it. However, that does not clean the toilet, what it actually does is that it spreads the germs all over the toilet seat. Hence, exposing you and the other person to more germs.

But, a toilet seat disinfectant spray is an alcohol-based solution and when you spray it all over the seat, the alcohol solution kills the harmful germs that are present. This completely protects the user from harmful bacterias.

Economical way of maintaining hygiene

Even if the toilet paper previously grabbed was uncontaminated by germs, imagine how many rolls of consumables are being used if every person laid down multi-layers of it on the seat before using it. Think of all the trees that are being cut down to form that temporary barrier, minus the cost of incurring monthly paper expenses.

Hence, over time the cost of buying several rolls of toilet paper to sustain this habit would be very high, and not to forget, the extreme waste of toilet paper. Shifting to toilet seat disinfectant spray would save us a lot of money and resources and also enhance the safety of consumers.

How to use a toilet disinfectant spray?

Using a toilet seat sanitizer is simple. Shake the bottle well and then spray it over the toilet from a distance of at least two feet. Then wait for almost 10 seconds before it dries completely before using it.

Wrap Up

Public washrooms are used by several people on a daily basis, keeping a toilet seat disinfectant spray with you at all times can turn out to be extremely effective and beneficial. Not only will it keep you safe but all maintain the hygiene of the washroom.

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