“Are Today’s Geeks, the New-Sexy in 2014?”
• 1. Me: “Ten-years ago they were called Health-Nuts. Today everybody is concerned with our food, weight, & exercise huh?”

• 2. You: “And ‘Geeks’, folks with valuable skills & knowledge, will dominate in 2014, yeah it’s technology.”

• 3. Me: “But that’s technical and we want you to be the boss, not Google. SpeedReading101.org wants you to ‘get-personal’ about Learning & Memory.

• Can you ask Questions as a Habit, a routine and ritual?”

• 4. You: “I don’t get what you mean. What questions?”

• 5. Me: “You already have this software program loaded into your long-term memory. Like the multiplication table or the a-b-c alphabet. It’s a habit, beyond easy and instantaneous, baby-stuff.”

• 6. You: “OK I’m reasured, now tell me the damn questions – huh?”

• 7. Me: Put them in context, with a beginning, middle & end. These Seven-questions are ‘door-openers’ to both left & right brain thinking.

• They’ll make you money in your career; create better relationships, and ace school and skills learning. Ready?”

• 8. You: “You are giving me a headache. What 7-questions?”

• 9. Me: “It aint the silly questions, it’s your mindset (attitude) to using them when alone or with others. If you implement the triggering of these questions, people will call you a Brainiac & Gene-i-ac. Can you handle that?”

• 10. You: “I’ll pay you five-dollars for the questions, just stop teasing me. I’m motivated, what questions?”

• 11. Me: “Listen to this short principle, and then the Power Questions. Trust that this is the right order of learning.

• “Rise up and be thankful, for if we did not LEARN a lot, we learned a Little. And if we did NOT learn a LITTLE, at least we did NOT get SICK.
And if we GOT sick, at least we did NOT Die.”
So let us rise up be thankful. Signed, the Buddha, 563 CBE

• 12. You: “That’s sort of a law of Priorities. I’d like to write it down. “

• 13. “Later, now the 7-Power Questions. This is a checklist. Even Santa Claus used one, and the song said he checked it twice. That keeps us honest, and reinforces the knowledge into a permanent – habit.”

• These core questions make you “understand” what you read & what you hear. Answer them correctly and you take-away the core-knowledge. You own it permanently.”

• 14. You: “I get it. It’s a weird joke, you never tell me the damn questions. This is a test of Chronic Stress of my mind-body-connection.”

• 15. Me: “Start with: 1. “Who?” 2. “What?” 3. “When?” 4. “Where?” 5. “Why?” 6. “Which?” 7. “HOW?”

• It’s not the seven-questions, but using them until they become a HABIT in your mind. You need “True-Grit, no-quit.”

• That’s your Will-Power and Intention to learn. See, you are just being human. Being judgmental, cynical, and contrarian. It sabotages Learning.”

• 18. You: “Ok, I know the Power words. I can see how using these seven Questions will summarize what I read or hear. But give me examples, stories. Can you make it come alive?”

• 19. Me: We have a Speedreading101.org workbook that spells it out. Page 49 or so. I want to explain how you use it. First, get this. If you make a Statement, you left-brain goes into high-gear with analysis.

• When you ask a ‘question’ of yourself or others. It triggers your right-brain for creativity & imagination. Insights & mental movies. The brain THINKS in pictures.

• You’re depressed and hear this statement in your mind,
“There is no way, I have no options. It’s bankruptcy.”
Reframe it into a question and you change both your THOUGHTS and EMOTIONS.”

• 20. You: “I have no idea how…”

• 21. Me: “Listen and let the problem solve itself. Here what I would say ALOUD and write as a note take-away.

• “Why is everything always working out for me?”
Now repeat the 8-words with strong feeling, and a SMILE on your face.

• When you write or TYPE it, you invoke V-A-K. See the words, hear them repeated in your Larynx (Voice-Box), &
Experience sense of touch as you write or type.”

• 22.You: “But that’s stupid. It’s a fix, a loaded question. I dying and you want me to lie to myself.”

• 23. Me: “It’s scientifically proven to change your thoughts and feelings in four-seconds. Go from depressed to your brain working to produce positive past evidence.

• Google: Reticular Activating System (RAS) in brain.

• “Why is everything ALWAYS working out for me?” changes your brain from negative to positive.
24. You: “Any evidence?”
• 25. Me: “University of Utah, Dr. Jeff Anderson, he used 1,000 participants. It’s all about “connection-by-connection”, neural networks rule the brain.”
See ya,
Copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler
P.S. “The faster you learn, the more you EARN.” You SNOOZE, you Lose.”

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