One of the biggest misconceptions in America is that timeshare properties are an investment for the consumer who purchases them. People believe that they will see more of a return on their investment than just the memories they make while visiting their timeshares. people expect to see a monetary return, that many believe should exceed the money they put into the timeshare property throughout their ownership.

Unfortunately for those Americans, that dream is short lived once they start to look into selling their timeshare. During the recession that our economy has been in since early 2007, timeshare properties have lost all resale value what so ever. people aren't looking to take on mortgage payments that could meet or in many cases exceed the mortgage of even their homes. Not to mention the maintenance fees that either go for 50 years or for life.

Also Americans have no need for what is known in the financial market as a “toxic asset” and what that means is that its an asset that never gains monetary value, but actually loses it while costing you money each month. Also a toxic asset is one that is passed onto the Americans next of kin whether they want it or not. Unfortunately most timeshare property owners are senior citizens and were never made aware of that fact. Its after they learn that their children will inherit the burden that they had been trying to desperately to get rid of.

It's not until after people go through all of these hardships with their timeshare that they realize they need to find another way out. Many try to sell their timeshare properties on ebay for $1, even if they paid of $20,000 for their timeshare not including the maintenance fees they've been sinking into each year even after it was paid off.

A lot of people sadly even try to pay timeshare property resale companies that contact them out of nowhere to offer to sell the Americans timeshare. The consumers that pay the money over to try to see some cash back for their investment shortly realize that they can not get a hold of the company any longer, and nothing will ever be done with their timeshare property.

It isn't until after all of this that most people start to research timeshare property resolutions. With timeshare property resolutions, it allows people to deed their contracts back to the timeshare property resorts due to discrepancies in the sales process and also in the contract itself. There is a list of 52 rules and guidelines that timeshare sales representatives must follow when selling people timeshare properties, and in most cases those guidelines are not followed. This gives the consumer the upper hand, because it gives them the power to deed their contract back to the resort, and free them of any financial obligations, whether its in the form of mortgage payments, monthly maintenance fees, or both.

timeshare resolutions offers consumers a way to finally get out from under the financial burden known as a timeshare, because they were sold the timeshare with the hopes of a great future investment. Below I have listed a few links of timeshare property cancellation professionals who can help any consumer understand what it takes to get rid of their timeshare property property.

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