Are there Urban Myths That Block M-o-n-e-y From Your Life?
• 1 “Aw quit it, I know you believe it, and mean well, but what I say out loud or hear in my head are “white-noise”, just meaningless chatter. My words are powerless, and so am I.”

• 2. When I said that to my mother, I was convinced she was a poor, deluded fool, “superstitious, ignorant, and without scientific knowledge.” Now, maybe I was too quick on the trigger.

• 3. There is a human “triangle” that causes results in our Reality called “F-A-T”. Stands for “Feelings-Action-Thought”. Add to it, “Trial-And-Error”, “Cause-And-Effect”, and “Stimulus-Response”.

• 4. “Who says so? It goes against my personal ‘beliefs’.”
Answer: neuroscientific research at Harvard, Stanford, &
MIT over the past 15-years.
Google: The Journal of Neuroscience, 2007, Mar. 27,
Lead author, A. Tashiro. “Modification of the Dente Gyrus Through Adult Neurogenesis”.

• 5. Endwords: what you-and-I believe is Possible or Impossible, becomes what we trigger or block. Your thoughts “influence, persuade, & convince” you, what to attempt or reject. “I have no talent for math or science, and neither do the other girls.” What about, “That’s too scary, I won’t even try it.” End-of-story, right?

• 6. Our “Thoughts” create our “Emotions”, and thoughts-and-emotions lead to our physical “behaviors”. There are laws of physics, so believing & feeling you-can-fly ends badly, if your behavior leads to jumping off a building.

• 7. The “positive” side is that when you (or others) challenge your beliefs, you can “alter your perceptions and behaviors”. So what? You “unblock” your abilities.

• 8. “You have a talent and gift for writing!” When you see what is possible from another prospective, you can “change”, and shock and surprise yourself.

• 9. Get this: in the act-of-learning, more new neurons are able to survive and thrive in your Hippocampus (key to learning-and-memory). See, it is normal for new to die out (shrinking). But!

• 10. Activity in your brain, like playing Bridge or Chess, answering along with ‘Jeopardy’, and consistent and continuous Reading for learning & memory, causes a
Thickening instead of thinning of your brain. Where?

• 11.Two-areas: Cerebral Cortex & Anterior Cingulate. Who cares? It helps avoid Alzheimer’s & other forms of “dementia”. You get to live to 95 and enjoy LIFE.

• 12. Did you know that taking 10-minutes daily to “meditate”, by intentionally being in the here-and-now, and not the Past or Future, allows us to grow bigger-brains?

• 13. Meditation inhibits our verbal, left-brain, and triggers our Pattern-Recognition, Emotional, & image-making right-brain.

• 14. Cousin Albert said, “Imagination is more important than Knowledge because Knowledge is in a state of “flux”.” Google: meditation research at Harvard, Yale et al. “Knowledge can change in five-years, imagination is forever.

• 15. The Five (5) most common Lies we believe and live by are:

a) “Money is B-A-D, it is the root of all evil and
b) “Money controls me, and makes me powerless.”
c) “I’m NOT worthy of having Money, or I’d have
more of it. Too much struggle for it.”
d) “There is never enough money. That’s just how it
is. Always was, always will-be.”
e) “I-Can’t-Afford-It! Don’t be crazy!”

• 16. How do we Overcome these Dirty-Five Lies?
The secret two-words are Cancel-Cancel to challenge and destroy the power of these LIES. Hear them, Cancel them.

• 17. After you say aloud or mentally, “Cancel-Cancel”, repeat ONE of the following with EMOTION:

• a) (Cancel-Cancel Negativity). Money brings me all the great and F-U-N things in my life.

• b) (Cancel-Cancel Negativity). “Money supports & creates my good life, and gives me personal-power.”

• c) (Cancel-Cancel Negativity) “I am worthy & deserve lots of money daily. I have more than enough for myself and others.”

• d) (Cancel-CanceI Negativity) “I claim my share of great wealth & assets (home, cars, & bank accounts) 24/7. I am rewarded again and again.”

• e) (Cancel-Cancel Negativity) “Money is good for me. It gives me “power” over my environment. I have the “Midas-Touch” and am a “Money-Magnet”, 24/7.”

• Remember, follow this “pattern/strategy”, and you “empower” your “Willpower” for great financial-wealth,
personal-growth, health-and-longevity, and powerful relationships. You are meant to have F-U-N and enjoy your life. It starts with, “Money-is-your friend!”

See ya,
Copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler

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Bernard Wechsler, Director of
former business partner of Evelyn Wood, creator of
speed reading, graduating 2-million, including the
White House staffs of four U.S. Presidents.
Presently involved in the training of licensees of
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