There are many stories that people tell about psychic animals, all of which point to animals being ‘tuned in’ to our emotions, the messages from the ‘other side’, as well as listening and hearing the earth and heavens.
There are stories abound of animals, such as dogs who, on realising their companion – be it another animal or their human master – has gone. Departing their earthly body, they may take time on a regular basis to sit close by the grave of their animal companion, or take time to sit at the foot of the seat where their human master sat. We all wonder if this is routine or habit, or something else, something that cannot be explained.
What about seismic activity?
Our earth is a living thing. It breathes and expands, contracts and sighs; psychic animals are adept at picking up these signals, hearing them, reading them and taking action that keeps them, and possibly others safe.
Stories abound from centuries ago, as well as recent events, in which animals on ‘hearing’ the inaudible realised something catastrophic was coming. Like the absence of birds singing before the rain, they take shelter. Earthquakes and other tectonic events creates a sound only psychic animals can hear and interpret; they take action and move away from the potential negative harm that is coming.
It is like the dog, 5 minutes before their master arrives home, sits up and waits by the door – routine or is the dog one of the many psychic animals that are on earth?
Can psychic animals ‘see’ things we can’t?
Many people claim to have seen ghosts, the apparition of a spirit that takes a recognisable human form. Some people suggest that animals can see things or being that we can’t. And, like us, some psychic animals welcome this whilst other are petrified.
Those of us living with spirits will tell of cats hissing or dogs barking at what is seemingly ‘nothing’ but then the human will feel the cold chill of a spiritual visitor. Some dogs have been known to stand and shake their tail, much in the same way they do when greeting someone at the front door, except that on this occasion, we the humans, can ‘see’ nobody or nothing.
The sceptics
There are those who are sceptical about the perceived ability of psychic animals and this is welcomed, after all spirits, mediums and psychics need this healthy, yet open scepticism to develop and hone their skills.
There are some who say that animals react intuitively and through training, as well as habit and routine. They cannot speak but they do communicate. Simply because we do not understand all these communication mechanisms or the messages that they are trying to give us, does not mean psychic animals do not exist. Some things or events in life are beyond our comprehension; science helps us understand earthquakes and why they happen but, as yet cannot specifically pinpoint when one will happen. Observing and listening to the animals around us, from the smallest bird to the largest animal could give us the answers we seek…

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