When buying Medical breakthrough massage chair complaints, customers often have similar complaints about installing and using one due to one reason or another. Yes there are complaints but these complaints are down to limited knowledge on the part of the user but by carefully going through the instructional manuals and engaging the support services of a customer representatives, all the fears and frustrations of the customer are allayed in no time. What are the common complaints shared by most customers?

Too heavy
For some potential users, the fear of the device being too heavy is what scares them away from using this massage device. Elderly people and physically challenged individuals may worry about moving the equipment because of its large size and heavy weight. Such fears are taken into consideration when designing this massage hardware which is why the massage chair has wheels to make movement easy. You don’t have to drag or carry the chair from one point to another. To move it all you need to do is to push the chair slightly and the wheels will do the rest.

Too Expensive
Another medical breakthrough massage chair complaint is the steep price. Massage equipments are expensive medical tools that many consider a luxury because of the price. The average massage tools of this size and spec costs thousands of dollars and the last thing you want is to go for a device you cannot afford. The manufacturer offers seniors and veterans attractive discounts that they can benefit. The prices are reduced to afford them the opportunity to enjoy a healthy life with the use of this orthotic device.

Too Complicated
If you have complaints about using other medical breakthrough massage chairs, not this one. It is easy to use and with the aid of the user manual the user can engage the machine for a perfect massage. You have nothing to worry about and there really is no complaint about using it.

Difficult to assemble
The massage chair is packaged along with the components necessary to install it but some customers don’t know where to start. Although the manufacturer has a manual to guide installation, many users don’t know how to go about it. By calling the customer service hotlines, the customer representative on the other side will stay on the phone and give a step by step explanation of how to install the device and get it up and running.

When it comes to using Medical breakthrough massage chair complaint, you really have nothing to worry about as there are no complaints associated with using this medical orthotic. It is easy to use and a customer service is only a call away should you have any need for help.

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