Coronavirus, or COVID-19 as it is commonly known, has taken the world by storm as the pandemic continues to strengthen, making the worldwide death toll rise to 36,000 as of 29th May 2020. The increasingly dangerous situation outside of homes has made it tough for everyone to reach work. Thus, the idea of remote working has been encouraged.

Remote working was an idea that employers were reluctant to give to their workers. But now it has become a necessity. Following the lockdown and social distancing protocols, every small and big business venture has comfortably adapted to working from home. But are there any benefits of remote working?

• Minimal Commute
Many people travel miles and miles to reach their work destinations. With remote working in effect, commute to work is zero to minimal. Many people have not turned to their offices for almost three or more months.
Since the workplace is several miles away, employees have to leave their houses early in the morning and return home late in the evening. With the increase in traffic, this means that a 9 AM to 5 PM shift turns into a 7 AM to 7 PM shift. With remote working, you can save on lots of commuting time.

But there’s one more thing that is better than saving time. That is saving fuel costs. You can save a lot of money that you were otherwise spending on the traveling cost to cover the distance between your home and office.

• Quality Time
Many corporate workers complain about having less time off. Less time off means that they have the least amount of time to spend with their families. What would previously be a few hours on Sunday for family gathering has now turned into almost a week of
quality time.

Since you stay at home for a great part of the day, you have a higher chance of interacting with your parent. Besides that, you can give your spouse well-deserved affection and engage in creative activities with your children or siblings.

• Good News For Introverts
Did you always regret those office parties? Well, working from home means that you do not have to awkwardly hang around with a bunch of colleagues for office parties. No more small talks, and no more awkward silences!

• Indulge In Your Hobbies
Life is a daunting race where we often forget to cherish little things. We are so engrossed in having a robotic routine and focusing on productivity that we forget about our own likes and interests. Remote working gives you more free time and a free mind to focus on things that you love.
You can pick up an old hobby that you previously enjoy or try out a new one. There is always something to learn for everyone at any age. You could learn a new board game, or a musical instrument or even a sport. However, be mindful of the fact that whatever you do indulge in, you have to carefully observe social distancing to avoid contracting COVID.

• Liberty And Flexibility
Many people consider remote working super flexible in terms of adjusting working hours. It offers greater independence in the way you can work. Once you can choose the hours of the day in which you will work, you can allocate time to other responsibilities as well, such as child care, exercise, and running errands. Employees can start working when they feel they will be at their best productivity levels.

• Staying In Touch Is More Effective
Since you won’t have anyone around you physically at all times, you tend to be much more aware of the significance of keeping in touch with your colleagues.
You know that you can’t just stop by the cooler to have a chat with your favorite person on the floor or grab lunch with your boss, you will realize the essence of human interaction.

• Take Better Care Of Your Health
Have you always wanted to take care of yourself but couldn’t find the time to do so before COVID? Well, we tend to fell short on time somewhere, which had a huge impact on our health and lifestyle. But with remote working during the pandemic, we have lots of time to focus on ourselves.

Start with eating a healthy diet if you already don’t. Come up with a weekly meal plan. Pick a day where you will prep meals for the entire week so you can focus on work and other things throughout the week.
Due to the lockdown, all gyms are closed except your home gym. But if you don’t have a home gym or any starter equipment, then place an order for it. You can start by something as basic as a mat and a few dumbbells!

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