The dreamy, floor-sweeping and voluminous gowns once ruled the western vintage era and our very own timeless tale princess Cinderella flaunted it beautifully at the ball dance with her prince charming and made a revolution across the globe, with the way she dolled herself for the evening. The sensation of gowns since those times till today has made an elongate wandering and is being adored profoundly. The numerous creative experiments and innovations may have been carried out on this silhouette beauty but still the essence of elegance and illusory would never fade.

Just like the manipulative attempts on the gowns taking over the recent times and if Cinderella would have been exposed to the latest fashion scene...She sure would have wanted to upgrade her style. Today’s fashionista’s in some or the other way possess a “Cinderella” in them and want to walk with the amazing fashion technologies and innovations happening around them. Even “Cinderella” experimented with so many gown styles, while the fairy waved her magic wand and finally dressed her up in a royal satin robe. The contemporary face of evening gowns is not limited to the western culture but also widely accepted in the Indian land too. The series of creative happenings lately in the robe with respect to silhouette cuts, embellishments and fabrics are simply mesmerizing. Presently, the fashion forward women are more leaning towards the category of high-end designer gowns for the happening occasions such as wedding receptions, late evening parties, pre-wedding shoots or even for morning brunch gatherings. It is observed that recently the trend for the Indo-western gown is extensively taking the control and the demand is too high for this category of gowns. Women are more and more getting involved into fusion wear and want to experiment with their looks uniquely. The inspiring personalities, celebrities and runway trends supporting in giving a strong inertia in uplifting the trend transformations, thus paving way for the increasing demand for these products. The beautiful mechanics of digital designing and printing bringing in a lively and sharp outlook to the garment. It is not only about “Taffeta and satin” fabrics for gowns but the new introductions to varieties to Lycra, nets, silk, organza, chiffons, georgettes, crepes are also being experimented with futuristic and intricate fabric manipulations. The involvement of traditional embellishments clashing with the western gown is giving an interesting twist to the whole attire.

Yes, sure the gowns are making the style statements lately and If Cinderella showed up in an Indo-western robe, it will sure be an exciting scene to watch out and will be seeing a trendy princess holding a blazing attitude and sure she will be moving a leg beyond midnight. But we still love her vintage style!!!

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Sam Antwon is a B.Tech graduate in Fashion Technology, a fashion lover and provides information on latest trends in fashion. He has contributed several articles on men's and women's clothing trends like indo western gowns, designer gowns, evening gowns, dresses, drapres etc