Attention All High Income Earners!
Are Taxes about to Eat Your Business Profits? With the Presidential election now fading into history, what does it mean to your business? What does “paying your fair share” mean to a highly successful business owner like you? What concerns you the most, your current taxes, or how much you will be paying in retirement? In President Obama's first statement since winning re-election on Friday, Nov.9, 2012, He invited Congressional Republicans and Democrats to the White House to begin talks to resolve the impending fiscal crisis. The President is quoted to be insisting on raising the taxes on the wealthiest. President Obama said "I'm not wedded to every detail of my plan. I'm open to compromise, I'm open to new ideas, I'm committed to solving our fiscal challenges, but I refuse to accept any approach that isn't balanced." He also made it clear that being balanced means having the wealthiest pay more. So again, what does a balanced approach to avoiding the "impending fiscal crisis" mean to high income earners?
All successful business professionals suffer with the same problem, your silent partner Uncle Sam, and his many cousins. Making money is one thing.
Keeping it is quite another.
Imagine for a moment your taxes as a pack of wolves that are perpetually raiding the henhouse. Successful professionals focus on producing more eggs, (earning more profits), but they don’t pay attention to the wolves raiding the henhouse. If you ignore the wolves, soon there’s nothing left to produce more eggs/profits!
Are you prepared? There is a solution to this dilemma. The solution IS NOT by using one or more of the Tax Limited Retirement Tools like:
Traditional 401K SEP IRA
Pension Plans Keogh
Defined Benefit Plans Simple IRA
Deferred Compensation 412(I)

While these traditional planning techniques provide some current tax advantages, they may also increase corporate liability exposure, contain high administrative and employee cost, impose strict funding and age limitations and not provide tax advantages in retirement.
The good news is that for many of you professionals and business owners in the top tax brackets, you may already qualify for an exclusive tax strategy that is already FIRMLY OUTLINED IN THE IRS TAX CODE and TREASURY REGULATIONS!
To learn more about how your business can start benefiting from this strategy contact me. I have a due-diligence report for your CPA,and/or Attorney. My name is Knox Bates with the Section 79 Plan from the Life Planning Group. We specialize in the field of tax mitigation for high income professionals, CPA’s and business owners. We provide a service you can trust and believe in. We are working to earn your trust. Reach out now and we'll share some ideas to improve your bottom line.
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Knox Bates III is a Christian, keynote speaker, thought leader, licensed retirement pro and benefit specialist. He currently works with the Section 79 Plan from the Life Planning Group in the field of tax mitigation for high income earners. He specializes in wealth and asset preservation and protection.