In recent years, a lot has been said about the amount of people who are ending their life as well as those who have thought about doing so. As a result of what has been going on, there is a strong chance that some people are ending their life right now and there are others who are thinking about doing so.

And while a lot is being done to put an end to this, it is undoubtedly something that is not going to come to an end anytime soon. Naturally, there are many factors involved in what is going on and there is no magic wand that will put an end to this.

Reach Out

The obvious thing to say to someone who is thinking about ending their life is that they need to reach out for support. But, if someone is thinking about doing this, they might keep everything to themselves and not reach out.

Therefore, no matter who is around them, how often this issue is spoken about in the media or how often help lines are mentioned on TV, for instance, the next step won’t be taken. It is then not the same as someone having a problem with their car and doing something about it shortly after – it is far more complex.

A lot Simpler

If whenever someone felt the need to end their life, they ended up reaching out for support soon after, it would be very different. Far less people would take their life and this would also mean that there would be less people on this planet who are in a hell of a bad way due to a loved one ending their life.

After this has taken place, so many questions can remain unanswered. Why did they do it? Why didn’t they talk to me about what was going on? Was I responsible for what happened? Didn’t they care about me?

A Different Scenario

When someone ends their life, it will be clear that they no longer wanted to be here and, when someone is thinking about ending their life, it will be clear that they don’t want to be here either. Nonetheless, if someone no longer wants to be here, it doesn’t mean that they will try or even think about ending their life.

Instead, they could have committed to a slow suicide; meaning that they will be in no rush to end their life. Said another way, they won’t be running to their death, they will be crawling to it.

A Closer Look

Someone like this could drive too fast, take part in dangerous sports and/or end up in fights, but it might be far more subtle than this. What could happen is that one might neglect their health by eating bad food and not doing any exercise and/or drink too much alcohol.

Conversely, one could have job that they hate and be in a relationship with someone who treats them like dirt. They are then going to be living in a way that undermines them, but it won’t stand out as it will be what is normal.

Final Thoughts

Taking this into account, although it may seem as though there is a problem because a relatively small part of the population want to end their life, this is really just the tip of the iceberg. One way of looking at it would be to say that these are just the people who have embraced how they really feel, while there are plenty of others who haven’t got to this point, which is why they are crawling to their death.

Lastly, if someone is running or simply crawling to their death, my advice would be for them to search deeply within themselves for the part of them that wants to live. After this, they can reach out to a therapist or a healer, or call a help line.

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