How to find the right drafting stools for your workplace? It’s one of the most common questions asked on the internet. Well, there’re many shops and online sites to buy drafting chairs for your office. But you must ensure that you’re investing in the right products. As per 2023 data, 49% of buyers trust online reviews like personal suggestions. And 95% of customers read reviews before buying products online. Yet, customer reviews and ratings aren’t everything when you’re buying draft stools online. Then what more do you’ve to check? Well, we’ll talk about that in the below article.


4 things to consider when you’re buying office draft stools online


The Australian office furniture market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.54% during 2023-2028. As per 2023 data, the online furniture sales industry in Australia is expected to grow annually by 15.6% through 2022-23. But choosing office stools online is different than choosing them offline. You can’t physically feel them before ordering them, but you can check a few things. And they’re the following,

1. Height of the seat:


One of the most important features to choose when buying a draft stool is the height range of its seat. And it depends on the height of your office desk, counter, or table with whom you’ll be using the stool. And here’re the steps,


a) Measure the height of your office desk/table/counter.

b) Now look for a draft stool with a seat height range is around 8”-12” lower than the table height.


But if you’ve got an adjustable desk/table, you don’t need to consider the height. Instead of that, you can consider your other priorities to match the stool with your desk. But make sure that your stool isn’t taller than your table/desk/counter.

2. Adjustments of the stool:


Adjustability is another vital feature to consider when buying a draft stool. And thus, you must ensure that your chair is adjustable enough when buying online. Often, people get surprised by the lack of functionalities on some draft stools. Thus, you should consider the functions of your stools beforehand. Here’re some examples,


a) Will you do heavy tasking on them? If yes, then you should look for an adjustable seat and arm.

b) Are you a tall person? If yes, then consider seat depth and back height adjustments.

3. Footrest of the stool:


Another vital point to consider when buying a draft stool is the type of footrest you want. Almost all types of office stools offer certain types of footrests. Well, three types of footrests come with draft stools,

1. Ring:


a) It’s one of the most common.

b) Offers a metal circle that goes around the stool.

c) Many of them come with height adjustment features.

d) One of the most functional footrest options for most applications.

2. Platform:


a) Acts both as a footrest and a step.

b) Offers more surface areas to rest your feet on.

c) Not the best option for people constantly moving the stool.

d) Can be metal or plastic.

3. Teardrop:


a) Metal U-shaped footrest hanging from the underside of the seat.

b) Can be tied to the seat and moved with the seat.

c) Not as much versatile as the ring.

4. Type of upholstery:


Last but not least, the type of upholstery is another point to consider when buying a draft stool. There’re various upholstery options you can find on drafting seating options,


a) Vinyl and urethane ones are ideal for factories, laboratories, and cleanrooms.

b) Mesh and fabrics are perfect for offices, classrooms, and homes.

c) Leather is best for executive offices and luxurious interiors.


Are you planning to buy wholesale drafting stools online? Checking ratings and reviews won’t be everything. And we hope this article will help you with that.

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Author owns a furniture shop in Australia. For years, he’s helped many people find the best drafting stools for offices. Besides, he’s also written many blog posts and articles on various topics.