This post is about blogging concerns and an inquiry as to whether they should really be concerns.

Let's get started.

Plagiarism of text content:
Years ago, a blog reader virtually copied my writing and even had the gall to publish my tips in order. However, he did not give me source credit.

When I questioned him, his excuse was "everyone does it." Apparently incremental plagiarism is a thing. Should you still give source credit? Yes! Yet, he refused.

Incremental Plagiarism is when someone steals only part of your writing. In other words, they are stealing in "increments." I always give source credit. So should you.

Years ago, writers at content curation sites feared Google would penalize them for duplicate content.

Google never did. Apparently, it has better things to worry about. Bloggers became more relaxed.

Plagiarism of visual content:
After researching Pinterest downloads for weeks, I realized Pinterest actually encourages using their members' videos and images.

Pinterest provides the tools to download images and cite source credit. You can download a Pinterest video with a third-party tool. More information and a tutorial can be found here: Pinterest video downloader.

Negative blogging comments:
I have a guest author who, years later, is generous of her time responding to comments about her post.

While I am extremely grateful for her help, time, and knowledge, comments can become contentious. I worry there will be MeWe problems.

However, my commenters are grateful for her help and insight.

If you want to see the comments, you will find them here: MeWe reviews.

Wrapping Up:

As it turns out, bloggers aren't stressing so much anymore. Do I still stress over people stealing my content?


Hopefully, the disclaimer on my blog that all content is my property is a deterrent.

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