It is not outdated at all, but someone who has a calculator or a personal computer sees only the superficial parts of abacus and learning and may not have seen the essential meaning.

That abacus is great if you do seriously.

Although there was an image that the student is doing even at the Yokomine style kindergarten surely, since the abacus will expand the capacity of the brain, it is necessary to go to the top of the person for studying such as memory ability, concentration ability, information processing ability, etc. I think that it is a very useful learning work for building a foundation.

It is said to demonstrate outstanding power when working seriously from kindergarten senior to first grader.

Because the finger is about the brain that comes out of the body.

It seems that the calculation mainly uses only the left brain

Calculating with an abacus, in order to use the left brain and the right brain at the same time

It is proven in research of professor Kawashima who is famous for universities in the United States and Europe, brain train, and it is useful for "difficult activation" "activation of the right brain"

What is important is general intelligence. It is an important intelligence commonly used for intellectual work.

Many studies in Europe and the United States are closely related to intelligence and abacus seems to be heavily involved in this

I am doing myself from a senior by kindergarten seniority in a steady (three-stage) myself, but the calculation of everyday life is really many and I think that training of the brain is done without permission daily.

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