Most supermarkets sell natural toothpastes, but are they any better than the toothpaste you’ve used all along? You may pick your toothpaste based on the flavour or brand, but have you ever consider the detrimental effects it can have to your oral health? Despite the misconception that using organic toothpastes won’t clean your teeth as well, it has recently been proven that most natural toothpastes do in fact have the same cleaning benefits as the ones recommended by dentists.

Although we think our oral hygiene is based on the product on your tooth brush, it’s your toothbrush that removes the leftover food particles from your teeth. On the other hand, toothpaste is used to eliminate the bacteria hiding amongst your teeth and not what is obvious to the eye.

Did you know? More than 700 types of bacteria have been detected in the human mouth and up to 72 of these can be found in yours. Uncleanliness can result in halitosis or gingivitis, otherwise known as bad breath and gum disease.

Deciding between a manual or electric toothbrush is a personal choice. Using an electric tooth brush still requires you to make a brushing action back and forth between your teeth, just like using a manual toothbrush does. Brushing for too long can be just as harmful as not brushing your teeth at all which is why many people opt for an electric toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes are equipped with brushing timers, pressure sensors and powered movement used to protect your teeth and gums from accidental damage.

It may surprise you that regular toothpaste is riddled with ingredients that can harm your health. This includes large doses of Fluoride, Sodium Laurel Sulfate and Saccharin. Although Fluoride is used to fight tooth decay, consuming too much can be toxic to the human body. Since the damage tooth decay can have on your teeth cannot be reversed, it is highly important to maintain a consistent hygiene routine by brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing once every evening before bed. Sodium Laurel Sulfate can be found in shampoos, detergents and a number of other hygiene products but is primarily used to make toothpaste foam. Think of it this way: the product you use to wash your body with can also be found in the toothpaste you clean your teeth with. The most alarming ingredient found in the average toothpaste is Saccharin. The petroleum-based sugary substitute has been found to cause kidney cancer in laboratory rats, so think twice about the toothpaste you pick up next!

But are natural or organic toothpastes best for you?

Organic toothpastes contain all the required elements, without the harmful chemicals and is a healthier option for those that prefer to consume fewer chemicals. It’s a wise choice for those that want to protect their general health and avoid weakening their oral health too since all organic toothpastes contain natural alternatives to the chemicals found in regular toothpastes.

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Robert Alleson