There are many post graduate courses available but most of the students opt for an MBA course because an MBA course enhances their qualification and also provide higher job opportunities in reputed companies. It also provides a high salary package as compared to other courses. More and more student wish to pursue MBA but everyone does not get a chance of doing MBA from a reputed college. Many colleges are providing MBA Correspondence courses and many students are enrolling for this course but the question that arises is that whether MBA through distance learning is worth doing or not.

Previously, MBA through distance learning was not considered by maximum employers and only few companies recognized this course. But today, many reputed companies have started recognizing MBA Correspondence degree holders. This transformation is the result of realization by the employers and organizations that distance learning courses provided by accredited institutes are in no way less than the traditional institutes. Enrolling for an MBA Correspondence course has many advantages like you can get a degree without attending college. People who are already in job can avail this advantage by striking a balance between work and study. Another advantage of MBA through correspondence is that it can be completed in less time than in traditional MBA. And after the completion of the course you can get high paid salary jobs in reputed companies. In MBA through correspondence students can gain work experience also which is not possible in traditional MBA colleges.

The developments in the field of information technology have made Online Study possible and can be done easily if you have the will to study. Earlier, education through distance learning was difficult as the study materials had to be sent via mail, there was no contact between the students and teacher as well as with other students. But through online education it is possible to conduct online discussions among the students and teachers and also with other students pursuing the same course. Moreover, there is no need to buy any books; all the material is available on the internet. There are no chances of missing any class because the matter which is taught long back will be available on the internet. There are so many advantages of Online Study.

Other advantages of Online Study are that you can pursue these courses even while working and performing other responsibilities which would not be possible if you have to attend regular classes. You can continue study through online education from the comfort of your home or anywhere else and there is no need to attend regular classes. This is online education which you can pursue from anywhere in the world; all you need is a computer with an internet connection. It provides you with time flexibility and you can study at anytime according to your convenience. Online education has many advantages but the most important thing you need to have is self motivation when you continue study through this mode because there is no one to tell you that you have to study.

Therefore, MBA Correspondence courses and Online Study both are beneficial as they provide flexibility of time, place and location.

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