For all the lovely ladies out there:-

If you dread about taking those extra few minutes to wipe off all the make-up and grime from your face, makeover removing pads may appear like a Godsend.

At least that’s what you’ve believed to be true so far... RIGHT? But then here’s a question- Exactly how good are these makeup removing pads for your skin.?

Based on this a Dermatologist in Brisbane, Dr Craig Kemp, presents an interesting answer to this riddle.

He says:-

“ Most women believe that using makeup remover pads help wipe their skin clean of all existing makeup and the settled dust particles...

...However, the ugly truth behind it is that it doesn’t, and after using it, it is important to wash their faces properly before going to bed.”

Also, those few ladies who mistakenly forget to take their makeover off before sleeping, tend to curse themselves in the morning every-time. And it’s not because they wake up to a foundation-coloured pillowcase, but because they find their face looking like a stage of an overnight mutiny.

“Using Makeup Remover Wipes Leaves Behind Residues On Your Skin.”

Most makeup remover wipes in Brisbane consists of certain active ingredients such as surfactants. These help to dissolve the make-up along with emulsifiers and solubilisers which help in lifting makeup, dead skin cells and oil from the surface.

So, The Cause Of Concern Here Is: By not cleansing it with water, those wipes leave behind traces of grime on the skin surface. And by not rinsing away those active ingredients away, the residue can exposure the skin to high concentrations of emulsifiers, solubilisers and surfactants.

They can cause drying and skin irritation, especially to those having sensitive-dry skin. Certain makeup remover wipes also contain alcohol which can cause stinging on the skin.

“But Makeup Remover Wipes Are Also Important For You!”

For the travelling women, the importance of a makeup remover wipe serves its own importance. While travelling; one may not have time to shop for proper tools to cleanse their faces.

So, rather than neglecting the skin completely, most ladies (especially those with oily skin surfaces) tend to use buy makeup remover pad for their makeup removal and skin maintenance.

“So- What To Do Then?”

Dr Megan Smith, running a skin treatment clinic in Brisbane says that-

‘If at all one needs to use make-up remover pads, then its best to buy it from a reliable source selling skin-friendly wipes for sale.

Plus, the good doctor also suggests these measures.

  • Carefully check the active ingredients in the makeup wipes and be wary of preservatives like Diazolidinyl Urea, Mineral Oil, Ethylparaben, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Benzalkonium Chloride, etc.

So before you buy makeup remover pad in Brisbane stay away from those products having these harmful inclusions.

  • Also, after using the wipe; you should rinse the water properly and immediately after removing all irritating ingredients left behind.
  • Don’t use makeup remover pads around the eyes and the vermillion border of those lips. Furthermore, if you have a sensitive skin surface- (dry skin), then it is recommended to use a moisturiser after removing all the make-up!

Now that you know the right precautionary measures to safeguard your skin when using make-up remover pads- it is time to implement them.

Start by finding a reputed supplier Brisbane and pick out makeup wipers which are deemed safe for use.

After All; A healthy practice is key to a healthy-looking skin!

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The author is a supplier of skin-friendly makeup remover wipes in Brisbane. With that, the author is also a writer who educates the readers on using makeup remover pads properly and safely via blogs and articles.