Not everyone enjoys going to the gym to get their workouts. Gyms are expensive and some prefer exercise to be more a private experience.

It's still vital to move your body and get your heart pumping, so the alternatives are to do some exercise outdoors or in the comfort of your own home.

In this article, I am telling you about home workout by helping with Smart Fitness Edge. Let's go.

Building a Home Gym

If you're willing to invest in a few bits of equipment, you can create an effective private home gym of your very own.

It doesn't need to cost the earth either - you just need to cut it down to the bare essentials and find a good space in your house.

Most would consider a barbell or dumbbells a necessity. Then you could consider a pull up bar, a bench, and a squat stand.

A home gym is great for working on your upper body - you could consider cycling to work, running or climbing stairs as alternative ways to work your legs. You may be doing these already.

Streaming Home Workouts

The world of home workout DVDs is evolving into streamed workouts. This brings the benefit of streaming on the go - perhaps you're staying at a hotel and don't want to miss out on your workout routine. No problem, and no need to bring DVDs everywhere you go, hoping there will be a DVD player.

Beachbody as a brand do many popular workouts, and now stream worldwide with Beachbody On Demand. Most offer quick workout sessions that are designed to push you to the max and get the most out of your limited time.

There are subtle differences to each workout though, which makes it worthwhile comparing them. You could look at T25 vs Insanity Max 30 for example, both plyometric workout systems. Insanity Max 30 is a more 'hardcore' workout with greater intensity, but you don't need any special equipment for either.

Some of these home workouts, whether streamed or with DVDs, come with nutrition meal plans. 21 Day Fix by Beachbody even has portion control containers which people seem to really love. Most of them also include a handy calendar to hang up and follow along with as you go, and a fitness guide to get you motivated.

Many will come with equipment included, such as Zumba Exhilarate where you get fitness toning sticks. The Focus T25 by Shaun T and Beachbody comes with great portable resistance bands.

The Best Investment for Home Workouts

It's up to you what you decide from here. Do you enjoy having a personal trainer on screen pushing you to go further, and being able to watch and follow along with a class? Home workout DVDs or streamed classes are a great option for you.

Perhaps you'd prefer to just concentrate on your workout while you listen to your favourite tunes. In this case, get yourself some basic home gym equipment, designate a space for your workouts and draw up a plan of action.

It helps to design your own calendar of workouts to follow along, just so you don't lose track of where you're going and how far you've come.

We also recommend investing in a yoga mat. It doesn't have to be used just for yoga, it's really useful for a whole array of exercises and lessens the impact on your joints.

The best thing you can do is to invest in yourself. Put in the time, get organised and not only will you get results, you'll enjoy yourself while doing it.

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