“Are hair transplant worth it “is the most common question asked by the people who desired to go through this process? when talking about the worth of a medical procedure, we usually mean the cost and effectiveness of the process, time involved in the surgery, then how much it has an impact on one’s life, how will be recovery possible, and most importantly what will be the ultimate result. Fortunately, the success rate of hair transplant surgery is above 80 percent. Only after analyzing, both benefits and disadvantages of the surgery we can answer, Are hair transplants worth it.
Benefits of hair transplant:
High success rate:
Hair transplant surgery is highly successful and gives noticeable and long-lasting results. It is more successful than over-the-counter hair restoration products.10 to 80 percent of grafted hair fully grow back in a few months.
Hair transplantation can be called cost-effective because over the period of time cost of other temporary hair loss solutions exceed that of hair transplant. These costs are never-ending.
Low Maintenance:
Transplanted hair grows naturally, one doesn’t have to use special products or visit the doctor again and again. This hair lasts for a lifetime and are easily manageable, so hair transplant worth the cost.
Safe and Natural:
Hair grafting is considered a safe and natural process. Fortunately, no special chemical products or medicines are used in the process.
Raise confidence level:
A lot of people suffer from low self-esteem and lose self-confidence due to severe hair loss or baldness that affects their personal and professional life. Gaining their hair back result in raised self-esteem and confidence. This is the biggest reason to say yes to the question Are hair transplants worth it.
No gender restriction:
Both men and women can go for hair transplant surgery. The ratio of baldness is more in men than women and they consider it a kind of deficiency that affects them a lot.
Good for large and specified area:
Unlike other hair loss treatments, this treatment is beneficial for both large and small areas as per person's needs.
Not just the head area:
Sometimes people lost hair or eyebrows too. That does not look aesthetically good. Hair can be grafted here through surgery too.
Considering all the benefits above the answer to the question” Are hair transplant worth it” Is, Yes, if a person is mentally and physically prepared and can bear this expense of the surgery, one can go for it
Disadvantages of hair transplant:
Hair transplant is a very significant decision That requires keen research like other medical procedures. To understand” Are hair transplant worth, it is important to understand effects, cost, limitations, method and after surgery conditions, before going ahead, this process too has some downsides which are as below.
No Guarantee:
If surgery is not performed well or correctly, it can turn worse. Some people have an unsatisfactory outcome which they do not expect to have.
After surgery complication:
If planned poorly and performed by an amateur surgeon or unqualified doctor, it can damage the hair and scalp of the patients. After surgery complications may include.
• Bleeding
• Infection of hair follicles
• Numbness or loss of sensation of related area
• Inflammation of hair follicles
• Donor area suffering from hair thinning
• Swelling on the operated area
Expensive procedure:
Hair transplant is a truly expensive procedure. The overall cost depends upon the total no of grafted hair as per the person’s requirements. The price may vary from
• Person to person
• Choice of doctor
• Choice of method of surgery(fue or fut)
Hence, it is not affordable for everyone.

If surgery goes wrong:
Unfortunately, if surgery is poorly performed it can do great damage e.g.
• If hair follicles are implanted in the wrong direction they may look UN natural.
• Due to hair –shock condition implanted hair can suffer from hair loss again
• Scarring of hair on the donor area can limit hair styling options.
Psychological effects:
If patients suffer from scarring they may feel embarrassed and over sensitive about it.
Ongoing hair loss:
If hair transplant surgery went wrong it may lead to more baldness and even worse hair loss over time.
Above mentioned disadvantages compels to say NO to the question Are hair transplant worth it. Every problem comes with a solution. One can avoid these complications through consulting a specialized surgeon who would guide a patient sincerely.
The answer to the question” Are hair transplant worth it” seems meaningless when considering both the physical and psychological effects of hair loss that lead to unwanted conditions and discomfort. Hair transplant worth only when one has a realistic approach to what one can achieve from a hair transplant. If a person is completely bald, a hair transplant will probably produce an improvement. In minor hair loss, if someone has enough donor's hair, the result can be far better. And transplanted hair can be preserved for several years. Secondly, a worthy hair implant demands a well-learned experienced surgeon, one can rely on. Thirdly, quality of transplant, nature of hair loss. Lastly, results vary from person to person so one mutt does all necessary research before going for the surgery. If you are thinking to get a hair transplant in Lahore, then you can click and read more information about it https://hairtransplantt.com/

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