Can you see it now? Another busy work day on your feet, and beyond… You speed walk down the aisle for that crucial purchase just before you pick the kids up from school—then hoof it out to car. You beat the clock just in time to take your lively treasures to their gymnastics practice at the Community Center (before more standing to make dinner). Your feet tell you, “Whoa! Mercy please!” Ah yes, the ‘tootsie relief’ time draws near. So what about that soak—is it worth its salt? Let’s take a look…

There are many varieties of soaks: from Epsom, Sea, and Himalayan Salts, to herbs and extremely diluted essential oils—also fungal busting soaks that add everything from Apple Cider Vinegar to Hydrogen Peroxide to mouth wash. There are endless synergistic recipes. Today we’ll explore salt soaks those aching tootsies will savor—and glean some great tips to make the soaks more effective.

Before filling your basin, let’s appreciate the unique qualities of salt varieties.

ALL SALTS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL. Multiple reliable sources place Himalayan salt as the purest salt on earth—it has 84 ionic minerals that exactly sync with the same elements in our body. When feet are soaked in Himalayan Salt solution, magnesium sulfate is absorbed—this brings muscle and joint relief and is great for the skin (assuming no sulfur sensitivity/allergies!) Like Himalayan salt; Sea Salt, and Epsom salt also have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, (though are not as pure or enriched)—these salts are a bargain, and similar in cost when purchased by the pound. (Of course there will be a range of source purity/quality.)

Here are some tips to increase the benefits of your soak. And to be sure, your tootsies will thank you for doing as prevention—BEFORE they tweet distress messages…

1) Be mindful of your body’s salt/water balance. For internal use, it is best to ditch regular table salt (sodium chloride)—it is a chemically altered form of salt that your body sacrifices tremendous amounts of energy to neutralize. This can lead to toxic fluid retention with multiple side effects, and swollen feet. Himalayan salt (and other food sources) do contain the essential iodine our body needs. So why not swap out the junk table salt for the health nurturing salt? Sea salt is a much better alternative than table salt, even though our seas are polluted—moderate use with Himalayan Salt combine unique elements needed for balanced electrolyte systems and health.

2) Before enjoying your soak, elevate your feet (above your heart, if possible). This opens circulation, relieves swelling, and eases the blood pressure.

3) Measure one to two cups of your chosen salt(s). One to one salt combinations work for most—for example, one-half cup each of Himalayan, Sea, and Epsom. Adding little olive oil is good for dry skin.

4) Add very warm water—as hot as you can take it without injuring your skin. Swoosh around in the basin, or stir with a wooden spoon. The warmth and the salt will help draw out toxins. You can also use a soft brush (toothbrushes work) or gentle pumice action to slough off dead skin/nails.


Try it out—your feet and entire being will thank you. Without a doubt you’ll feel the rewards. Better sleep is also a great bonus.

The busy day is behind you. The basin is before you—and the soak IS worth its salt!

Author's Bio: 

Linda Dunn, Integrative Health Therapist, is passionate about feet. Her specialty foot training in Reflexology began at the highly esteemed McKinnon Institute in 2004. Linda witnessed firsthand the common abuse feet suffer in her personal training background—this inspired her to become a devoted advocate of humane treatment for feet. She marvels at how feet affect our entire being and offers simple, yet powerful methods for renewed feet and nails.

Linda’s passion for feet remains after expanded education and certifications--from Acupressure Institute, National Alliance for Emotional Health (EFT), and over 1,000 hours of clients and clinic applications. After state licensing in 2012 through World School of Massage and Holistic Healing Arts, she continues to champion feet. You are invited to enjoy some great, free sample ‘treats for feet’ at Email: If you are interested in a local, hands-on workshop, call 925-706-2453 or 888-348-0386.