Are Energy Bars as Good as They Seem?

Energy bars seem like the answer to our food prayers: a quick healthy snack that gives us oomph and helps us make it through the busy day. What more could a busy person ask for? It would be great if all energy bars fit this description, but many of them do not. Energy bars are only as good as their ingredients, so it is important to inspect the back label before you buy.

People buy energy bars for many different reasons, but they can mostly be divided into three main groups: energy bars for meal replacements, energy bars for healthy snacks and energy bars for fuel during a workout. The last two categories are probably the most popular two. If you are looking for energy bars for a healthy snack, you will want to make sure the sugar content is very low. Preferably, you want to go with the choices that only use natural sugars (not refined) as a sweetening source. Ingredients like raisins and dates are great natural sweeteners that have no refined sugar in them. If you choose an option with high sugar, your body will convert it to fat.

For those looking for energy bars for fuel during a workout, the sugar content can be higher. You still do not want one with a lot of refined sugar, but it is okay to have some sugar because the body can use it to keep you going during your workout. This statement only applies to those who are doing serious workouts. If you are only doing light activity, your body will not have use for the sugar and it will turn to fat. Know what you want to use your energy bars for and then make your choice based on those specific needs.

How to Choose Energy Bars That Really Work

Some energy bars are nothing more than glorified candy, but others are great at giving you a much-needed boost. The key to knowing which energy bars really work is to look at their ingredients. If it is high in sugar and artificial ingredients, it will not benefit your body. It will only make you tired and unhealthy.

The best energy bars that really work are the ones that draw their ingredients from natural sources. Our bodies deal best with natural components because they know how to digest and use them. Artificial ingredients are foreign to the body and not as useful. Things like whole grains, healthy fats, and fruit-based sweeteners are the types of ingredients your energy bars should have. Our bodies will appreciate these ingredients and you will notice the difference in your energy level.

If you need energy bars that will help you make it through the last part of your day, follow these guidelines in your search. The total calorie content should be around 250 or lower. (If you are an active person or an athlete, the total calorie content of your energy bars can be a little higher.) You want it to be high on protein and fiber (the higher, the better) and low on sugar. Energy bars that are high in sugar will give you a temporary boost, but beware. They will ultimately make you tired. Energy bars with lots of fiber, protein and a moderate amount of carbohydrates will give you the type of energy that lasts and benefits your body.

Do not judge energy bars based on the claims they make on the front label. If you do this, it will seem that all energy bars are great. Companies want you to buy their products, so they will say whatever they have to on the front label, but the back label is different. They can only list what is actually in the product, so they can’t use any marketing tactics to convince you.

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