Air circulation in the room is an important factor to deal with the summer heat. It would help you relax and feel comfortable even when the temperature outside is hot and humid. Both ceiling fans and the floor fans or pedestal fans can help keep the room breezy, windy, and pleasant. However, if you were to choose which would be best, you need to delve into the pros and cons associated with these types of fans.

Ceiling fans:

The ceiling fans are an inevitable part of a building there would be at least one or two ceiling fans in any construction.

The pros:

• They are ideal for keeping even a large room windy, breezy, and cool. The placement of the ceiling fan is planned at the time of construction of the building itself in most cases.
• They are capable of reducing the temperature within the room by four to five degrees when compared to that which prevails outdoors. This is because they are designed to pull up hot air and push down the cool air.
• They are cheap when compared to other cooling options such as the air conditioner or air cooler.
• They consume less power than the other cooling options as well. Ypu now has power-saving fans that feature DC motors that deliver quality airflow noiselessly ensuring that your electricity bill stays within your budget. They have high efficacy and efficiency measures.
• In cold seasons, they can keep you warm as they are capable of working under the reverse mechanism. That is, the reversed movement of the fan blades pull up the cool air and distributes warm air around the room.
• You have modern ceiling fans that come with lights. This doubles up as a two-in-one appliance.
• You have highly decorative ceiling fans that can complement the décor of your interiors.
• It is versatile and can be used in any room.
• It is safe
• It is an effective backup system when your air conditioner fails.


• They re noisy when compared to air conditioners
• It might be difficult to install in buildings with high ceilings
• Maintenance of the ceiling fan is difficult as it cannot be reached easily

Pedestal fans: They are portable fans that can be used in any space effectively. It requires no pre-planning and can be put to use even after the construction has been completed.


• They are easy to fix and use
• They are appropriate for use in rooms with low ceilings and ones with very high ceilings too.
• The cage covering the blades ensures that It is safe for use even when children are around.
• Installation and maintenance are easy.
• They are multi-functional. That is one fan can be shifted to different rooms easily. depending on your requirements.
• The modern pedestal fans come with advanced features such as remote control, adjustable sweep, better revolving angle, etc.


• A pedestal fan becomes useless if there is no plug point in the room.
• You need more number of fans to move air when they are is very large.
• There is a chance for these fans to fall over. It can be risky at times.

A ceiling fan is the best choice. But, floor fans can indeed be helpful, if you have not made provisions for the ceiling fan or when you are looking to increase the airflow in a room with a low ceiling where raising your hands can put you at risk of hitting the blades of the ceiling fan.

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