Over the years, various strategies were developed to enhance the process of learning. Likewise, research has proved that use of brainwave entrainment can increase one’s level of intelligence quotient (IQ) and in turn enhance their academic performance.  The common query at this stage is which type of brainwave state is most appropriate to enhance learning.

With regard to the type of brainwave pattern, most researches support the thought that alpha waves are more effective in improving learning. The state of alpha waves (about 8-10Hz) is one that is achieved when the activities of the brain are below that of a usual waking state, characterized by beta waves of 11-25 Hz.

The alpha waves facilitate relaxation of both mind and body, which allows the individual to maintain focus and process information consciously and with no interference from other thoughts. Also, as the individual learns willfully, the brain is processing the information automatically and this is achieved only due to the connection between the conscious and subconscious self. Neurological studies state that out of the various information processing pathways only 1 out of 6 occurs at a conscious level, therefore engaging the other parts while processing information is beneficial to the individual.

Though the alpha state is considered to be best for learning, it is reported that for memorization and creative thinking, the theta state is more optimal. Why? The theta waves slow down brain activity to ranges of 5-8 HZ which further strengthens the bond between the conscious and unconscious state. In this condition, intuition, impulsivity, other emotions and problem solving can be thoroughly developed. This is why theta waves are held responsible for the creative nature of artists etc.

Gamma waves are responsible for increasing the intelligence quotient, cognitive functioning and also for improving memory.

Therefore the brainwave entrainment audio tracks should be chosen in accordance with the material that is to be studied. In cases where the subject has to be memorized, brainwave entrainment tracks containing theta waves is your best choice. For new learning to occur, alpha states are recommended as it both relaxes and focuses your attention on your learning.

Thus learning can definitely be enhanced, using Brainwave Entrainment tracks!

Author's Bio: 

Ashton Aiden is a success coach, long-term user of brainwave entrainment technology and an experienced meditator. His knowledge and expertise spreads over advanced breathing techniques, NLP, and holistic cures to numerous psychological and physiological problems. Ashton works on a one-to-one basis with selected individuals and is in the process of preparing his own exclusive Success Coaching Program.