I am a student and I can’t continue my college career because I can’t get a loan. How is that fair? I am not a minority and my parents are not rich but they make too much for me to get a grant. I got the privilege of attending two years at my university. During my college stay I managed to make dean’s list every quarter. That wasn’t enough to stay where I was. I received two scholarships and my loan amount wasn’t a sufficient enough to cover my remaining bill. My credits do not all transfer. Let’s just say that because I could not get a loan the last two years of my life are just left to history. On top of the hard work I put forth, I now have ten years of loans to pay back. It would have been worth it if I finished, but I did not even have the option. So again I say, how is that fair? Where do I go to do something about this? I have considered just taking out a credit card and putting my loan on a card. My interest will be higher but my passion for school is larger than a dollar amount on a bill. I just wish there was a way for me to make this happen. My parents don’t give me money for school. Why is my loan amount based on their income? I will never understand the way loans work and how you are chosen for approval. I just hope that somebody will soon approve ME.



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