Many entrepreneurs are looking for the low-cost approaches that are easy to implement as sales tool. High-tech marketing methods such as Web advertising, e-mail, etc, are not only ways to market your business. Tech-less tools such as postcard marketing is one of the great options to choose. Postcard marketing is an old-fashioned technique but effective approach for several SME’s. Creating, printing and mailing postcard is not a big investment. You can use postcards in direct mail advertising in many different ways.

Postcard marketing is not only limited to SME’s, even big technology industries/companies love to do postcard marketing. There are three reasons why companies love postcard marketing:
• Postcards are easy to read than open an envelop
• It has less competition and less intrusive than e-mail
• You can take postcard on any color, size and graphic.

On US postal service website, you can view different design templates for your postcard. By using postcard advertising, you can use various approaches to reach out your target audience. Let’s discuss effective approaches of postcard marketing;


Today, many entrepreneurs try to present their postcards that promote a lifestyle with the products and services of their own business. They distribute their colorful postcards with visually appealing cover image. These attractive and colorful images play a powerful role to encourage people to desire such lifestyle and patronize those products and services offered by that company.

Postcards information drives:

You can use postcards for disseminating valuable information. It is one of the great ways to publicize information. A company can explain the benefits, qualities and features of their products and services through postcards. Company can also explain the risks, dangers and problems of the products offered by different business establishments. So, if you create right postcards for marketing you can directly influence your target customers to purchase your products and services.

Distribute form:

Many companies distribute postcards that take the forms of surveys and subscription/application forms. This is simple but elegant postcards advertising approach helps business owners to expect direct sales from their target audience. This approach usually generates positive response.

Souvenir advertising:

Postcards printed with scenic spot or any historical destination may encourage recipient to keep it for a long time. These kinds of postcards can usually offer to tourist or visitors. This strategy can be helpful if business aim to increase interest and awareness of consumers globally.


Business owner can offer promotions with postcards to encourage target audience to purchase product online or visit their shop. You can offer special discounts for those recipients who will bring the postcards to your shop to purchase your product or if they want to buy online, they can enter printed code on the postcard to enjoy discount.
These cost effective strategies will definitely help you in conveying your message to your target audience.

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