Using the Atkins diet is based solely on the theory that too numerous carbohydrates are consumed by overweight individuals. Both carbohydrates and fat are burned to create energy but carbohydrates are usually used first. As a result, eating much more fats and proteins also as drastically reducing carbohydrates will make a body turn to its fat stores and also the body will naturally lose weight.

When the body begins to make use of its fat stores to offer energy, the body goes into a state called ketosis. When the body is in this state, the theory is that you'll be much less hungry and, therefore, eating much less can be a result. Sadly, there can be side effects in a couple of people, such as constipation and unusual breath odor.

Going further, carbohydrates turn into sugar, which quickly enters the bloodstream. Insulin is then released to store these sugars within the muscles and liver as glycogen. After reaching glycogen capacity in these parts of the body, insulin transforms any remaining sugars into fat.

People utilizing the Atkins diet are suggested to make use of supplements to balance out the nutritional aspects that become missing from reducing nearly all carbohydrates from a diet. Initially consuming only a few leafy green vegetables and absolutely no fruits propels the body into ketosis. Increasing healthy carbohydrates is only allowed after the body reaches ketosis.

There are controversial safety concerns about using the Atkins diet, though. According to dietitians, more testing is required to determine if there is any long-term health risks associated with this diet. Some of these safety concerns consist of the possible promotion of heart disease and regardless of whether the Atkins diet can prevent stroke, heart illness and cancer. Also, the high amounts of proteins can produce liver and kidney problems and there is the possible for loss of bone as well.

The Atkins diet can possibly be the diet answer, though it should be approached with caution, as any diet should be.

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