With the rising day to day responsibilities, managing being a single parent is hard. It is obvious that it is hard enough to find the time to do important things without any worry. The entire time might be consumed not only thinking about what would happen to your children. It can turn out to be a lot more incapacitated or worse, but you can make the situation better by planning your estate so that the children and the assets are protected. It might be impossible to the stressed out, overworked and the single parent who has hardly any time to breathe.

Therefore, approaching the estate planning attorney is really necessary, especially for single parents. Being the primary guardian and the caretakers of your children, keeping a plan for the worst-case scenario is also equally essential. It is the best way to keep your children safe and also the assets safe. It can happen in any case irrespective of the matter.

Let us know the estate planning documents, which as a single parent you must consider drafting:

The Living Trust:

It provides you with the capability to cling to the ownership of your assets till the time you are alive. You would be naming the trustee who will be in charge of the assets in the event or are incapacitated. A trust that is good one would name the individual who can further circulate the inheritance the way you want to like paying for the college, food or doing downpayment on the house. When you make good trust, it can help your family to avoid probate, which can save the time and money of your loved ones and a lot of emotional distress.


A will would be helpful in naming who is responsible for your estate and to whom you want to pass the estate when you die. A will can also use the name of the guardians for your children in the death event or say incapacitation.

Nomination of the Guardian Document:

Look, being the single parent, naming the guardian for your children is quite difficult as the court would most likely award the guardianship to the other parent of the child without any nomination. Therefore, you can still nominate a guardian in the Nomination of the Guardian document as to when the other parent won’t be able to take care of the child.

Beneficiary Forms:

Observing the amount of money in the life insurance policy, you would need beneficiary forms to baptize those assets. You won’t be naming the minors over those forms as they are unable to manage the assets until they get to 18. Here, you can ask your real estate lawyer the way which you can ensure your children to attain benefit from the life insurance and other important plans.

While being a single parent, you are already doing a lot for your children. With a solid estate plan at one place, you can have peace of mind if something happens to you, your children would still get better care whether it is in terms of emotional or financial manner.

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