I teach a course about the Chakras that expands and develops an understanding of the human energy field and the concept that we have a physical body, and energy body, and an ethereal body. Just like there is a physical plane, an energetic plane, and an etheric plane. In our etheric body there is webbing, very much like the "connective tissue" of the physical body that forms a scaffolding of energetic structures in our aura. This creates a network. This network of etheric webbing connects the energetic/etheric and physical planes to each other. This is what bridges the path to these two worlds.

When we learn to apply the energy of money to our life we begin to allow it to flow. Working with Money Energy can be very intense and must be done in awareness. We can use step-by-step methods for building and developing the etheric highways that pertaining to money. When we apply the energy of money in our life we need to pay attention to all ways, which our society generates, money. We must also remember that all physical actions and structures are replicated in the etheric world.

We can all do the basic money gestures to begin with, like being in awareness and bringing good feeling energy whenever we exchange money. We can be grateful for all that we have instead of being in awareness of the lack.

We can stimulate the process of working with the energy of money by using energy techniques to enhance the flow of money in our life. It is important to work on both planes because working on both the physical and etheric plane can have powerful results.

When you begin to apply the energy of money to your life remember to keep the physical structures pertaining to your money in good order. Things like accounting, taxes, paying bills and filing should be up to date, accessible and filed on time and in order. Receipts should be organized and kept filed. This allows the universe to see that you are expecting order in your money flow. Take a look at your payment routines; is the energy soft and inviting? Or is your energy harsh and resentful? Be very careful not to allow your negative energy to permeate your process.

We can also have a representation to the energy of money. Something that we used in exchange of services was the energy of barter that has the same energy as money. This is a practice that has become ancient to this civilization and is in need resuscitation in this 2011 economy. Energetically, we are inclined to barter, because in our collective unconscious, bartering precedes money.

Barter is a fair exchange that can be deeply satisfying. Instead of going through the energy of money, we exchange energy for energy directly with each other. We exchange service for service or service for commodity. This exchange establishes a direct energetic bond. We also need to realize that when this is the case we have entered into an intimate relationship with our barter partner. When we enter into barter, you must take physical precautions, put things in writing. Establish guidelines, rules and objectives.
When using the energy of barter follow the rules of the IRS. Take the time to assign the services that are to be bartered, a monetary value and invoice each other for services rendered. Stay with this rule and you will be safe: only accept services that are truly required and that you would have had to pay for anyway. A barter that follows these guidelines has its own healing component.

We need the energy of money and or barter to live our life. It is an essential part of our physical existence. Use these tools to carefully construct a sound etheric and physical money structure for your life. In the same way as honoring the laws of nature results in harmony and growth, honoring the rules of money can create a financial health that is prosperous.

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