The method of applying Spiritual Science to medicine is worldwide known as Anthroposophical medicine, and many physicians on everywhere of this world have been using this –more frequently in some certain parts of North America and Europe. This method of methodology in medicine draws its knowledge and practices from the Rudolph Steiner’s teaching. He is a philosopher and the founder of the school of Anthroposophy as well.

Anthroposophy is a thought school relying on the approach if science in spiritual discernment. In spite of the leanings of Anthroposophical medicine to spiritual aspects, it still relies on systematic approaches and established facts to modern medicine. It uses basic principles in ancient medicine like Ayurvedic medicine, Tibetan medicine and Chinese medicine. In other words, it is similar to holistic approach putting emphasis on spiritual well-beings, as it does on physiological well-beings.

The systematic model of Anthroposophical Medicine is dependable on the "four foldness" of beings. This means that what decides an individual’s overall condition consists of four parts. The first part is the physical body which is known as vessel as in Chinese idea. The second part is the life/etheric body which is chi as in Chinese idea. The third part is the soul/astral body. The last part is in the spirit. The physician, in this model, ensures that every part of it is put under deliberate scrutiny, and he or she applies his or her knowledge of spiritual science and modern medicine in the treatment both as a whole and in separate parts. Anthroposophical Medicine physicians not only use diagnostic tools, but also rely on understanding of the psyche of the patient and general personality as well as intuition. Often, the medicine used in Anthroposophical Medicine is medicinal and homeopathic which makes it less risky and toxic.

The only drawback of this method is that there are some side effects. The side effects are referred to as the "healing crises” resulting to the symptoms’ temporary worsening - such as headaches, fever, muscle soreness, nausea and many more. This is in concordance with the belief that contemporary medicine only suppresses illness but not beneficial to a patient’s health for a long term. So as experienced, the best way is to draw the illness out for a patient to completely remove it and therefore pave the way to full recovery.

In addition, anthroposophical medicine is dependent on allied therapies including movement therapy and massage therapy. Movement therapy is the art and science of reconciling our deep spiritual movements. Another subdivision of allied therapies is psychotherapy which is helpful in dealing with disease and sickness on a level of psychology. An anthroposophical medicine physician, during the first visit, makes it as a point to train the patient in the Anthroposophy’s overview because it seems impossible to make any advance with a treatment involving the spirit and mind without the conscious awareness of a patient. This is a form of instructional materials and questionnaires given to a patient before starting the treatment.

In contemporary medicine, while some fundamentalists have hated the practice and made suppositions that it is a synonym of "voodoo", researches have shown bright results. No matter what the case is, Anthroposophic medicine still continues improving our physical and spiritual well-beings, and is here to stay definitely.

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