Introduction :

Nadra holds many responsibilities among itsa huge organization which also has many international offices and branches to follow up with the international process. The presentation of national identity cards is done by the Nadra for Pakistani citizens and it holds an important place for securing the information and data belonging to its citizens.

Procedure for applying:
To apply for the NICOP through Nadra a person has to go through the process of NSRC which stands for the national swift registration centre.

There is also an alternative option available with the citizens of Pakistan which is via the MRT process. MRT or Mobile registration teams is a specially designed mobile platform that provides various possibilities for Pakistani Citizens living in the overseas places which reside in the jurisdiction of Consulates of Pakistan to go through the variety of services that are covered under this approach provided by MRT.

This process covers a wide range if population be it old, young, infants, or teens. Specifically considering the problems faced by the old people to visit the office, again and again, is hectic. This process came out as a boon for them providing the old people with necessary comfort and peace. For infants, it is practically impossible to go through the NSRC to follow through the process. This MRT is a beneficial step for those too.

It is very easy to directly visit the website and go through the NADRA application just a few clicks away by the help of mobile registrations through MRT. There have been regularly reported Surgeries that promote the mobile registration processes by the Pakistani Community.

Types of applications:
There are many types of applications that are there while applying for NICOP via Nadra. A person must look through all the necessary information and choose among them the most necessary and suitable type of application while applying for the NICOP. When the NICOP application is filled in the wrong category, it is directly rejected. Not just that, the amount of payment done for the wrong form filled is non-returnable. This brings about a whole loss of the work and money. This tedious process has also to be repeated completely increasing the labour.

Time is taken after the application process to receive the NICOP through Nadra:

The time taken can also be divide into two types. It depends on the type of application that has been submitted by the applicant. It can be a fast track process or a normal process.

• Fast track process

To make this type of process a success it is very important to fulfil all the previous processes properly. If there is any incomplete step left in the process then the time of fast track might be delayed. All the information must be filled thoroughly with no blank spots left. If all the information is filled properly, the time taken by the fast track process is just two to three weeks. This is directly home-delivered reducing the labour of collecting the NICOP generated.

• Normal process

The whole process of delivering the new NICOP depends thoroughly on the details filled in the form during filing the application for the Nadra . It is important to understand that the normal process naturally takes longer time than the fast track process. In this case, any incomplete or wrong information can lead to a significant increase in the process of NICOP generation and delivery to the applicant. The delivery is completed usually in a stipulated time period of six to eight weeks. However, any carelessness during the form filling might lead to a significant increase in that time period.

The delivery is made by the post. The various post services are active internationally and they are responsible for dispatching the NICOP at the address provided by the applicant in the application form.

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