Who wouldn’t love to be surrounded by colours? You will hardly find such people with no interest to experiment with colours. And, when it comes to choosing shades for the home interiors, it is a bit difficult, since there are a number of options available, and each colour come up with their unique characteristics to make a statement with different rooms in your home-

Neutral colour is an elegant choice for living room: Neutral shades like beige, cream or off-white are some safe choices. The living room can be a great place to experiment with such colour choices since these colours are classy and try a vibrant colour for the accessories.

Try mix and match for kids’ room: Why not try white background for elements like photo frames, lamps, pillows and rug are? Ask your Interior Painters in Holland Park to use this opportunity to work on some cheerful decor for your kids’ room.

A modern look with grey shade for guest room: It looks neutral, but you can use this shade to make your room stand out. The darker grey shade with blue or purple tint looks glamorous, or light shade for bright appearance works great to draw the modern look in your guest room.

A relaxing tone with tale colour for bed room: There are only a few colours that are as bold as teal shade. Combine this colour with bright hues to bring out the royal look. Why not try this colour for your bedroom combined with yellow or white.

Add glamour with Purple for study room: Many people afraid to use strong colours like purple or dark brown or dark red in their homes. However, consult with interior painters in Rochedale South to try such strong colours for your study rooms to draw some passionate graphic patterns to spare house from being the boring one. 

Stay cheerful with Yellow for the bathroom: Yellow is associated with sun and summer, and it works great for small places. Try this colour for the bathroom to make them feel larger. Yellow looks fantastic when combined with white colour. 

Surprising feel with the darker green shade for balcony: Green is a fresh and vibrant colour that can relate the nature with your home while giving you a cozy feel. Keep other accessories around simple at the same time. A balcony at the ground floor will look great by receiving such colour.

Warm vs Cool colour: Warm colours give a comfortable vibe while giving the vibe of an intimate environment. Warm tones are generally used for moderation since they are used to energize the mind.

On the other hand, cool colours leave your home with a calming effect and make the room feel more relaxing.

So, for balanced decor, you should include both the warm and cold shades. For example, if you’re using grey or blue for walls, use yellow, red or orange for the furniture and other accessories to make the room more inviting. Moreover, consult with professional house painters in Holland Park to test, and closely check out the colours to decide which shade will work best for which room.

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The author is a reputable interior painter who work in Rochedale South and Holland Park. The author is also writes blogs and articles to makes users aware about the colour choices.