In his groundbreaking book, The Laws of Success, Napoleon Hill describes the power of the Law of Increasing Returns by speaking of the farmer, who carefully prepares the soil, then sows the seeds of the crop he desires. Because he is attuned to the Law of Increasing Returns, he waters and weeds and waits with confident expectation that the seeds he has sown will return to him, plus “a many-fold increase.”

Before this law was understood, humans survived by hunting, and had to constantly be on the prowl. Let’s face it, we have all met people selling things that feels as if they are hunting us down and coming in for the kill. That simply does not work for the people I mentor, nor for business owners who are service-based and sincerely want to help people.

What I see so often however, is that heart-based entrepreneurs and business owners who don’t want to hunt people down and be pushy or salesy, keep themselves too much of a secret. They hide out, and miss out on the great abundance that is their birthright.

So today, I want to help you find ways to apply the Law of Increasing Returns, which is based on the Law of Cause and Effect, to your business. Rather than the fear and doubt that so many of you feel on a daily basis about your business, I want to show you how to live in that awesome state of pronoia, which is a way of perceiving the fact that life always gives you exactly what you need, when you want it.

Examples of using the Law of Increasing Returns

• You write a weekly newsletter with helpful and inspiring content, which costs you time and money to publish. Eventually, because people come to know and appreciate you, they get in touch to see about working with you.
• You check in on a client you know is struggling, and find that you have connected at the very moment that person needed to know someone has their back. You do this from your heart, and they have a breakthrough, and make the money to continue working with you.
• You offer complimentary strategy sessions and really give a tremendous amount of your wisdom and caring to a person who may or may not work with you at that moment. Even if they don’t, they send a friend who becomes a client, or later purchase a product you have created.
• You offer to speak at networking groups and other places where your ideal clients gather, and before long, people really get how much you have to offer, and send referrals.
• You offer heated towels scented with lavender after the massage you give, and find that you are having to write out one gift certificate after the other, because your clients so value the extra care you give them, and want to share it with people they care about.

You get what I am saying here. Give it your all. Give more than people expect. Don’t be afraid to let it really matter to you whether the people you serve succeed and are doing well. When you set your rates to reflect the true value you give, and then give even more value than people pay for, you are planting seeds of success that will sprout and grow and give you so much more back than you could ever imagine.

There is another universal law, also based on the Law of Cause and Effect, called the Law of Circulation which states that the universe is always in flow and ever circulating at an expanding rate. What you give to one person may come back to you from a different source. This allows you to give freely, without the expectation of getting back (no strings attached!), knowing fully well that you will receive back---because the universe always mirrors back to you what you put forth.

This is key: You must do this from a place of generous abundance, and not from a place of scarcity and not enoughness. If you over-give because you don’t value yourself enough, or if you set your rates too low out of fear that no one will pay more, you are not applying these universal laws, and you cannot give from a full cup.

So I challenge you to think of 5 different ways that you can sow more seeds of success in your business, by offering more value than people pay for. If you run into resistance, you are up against some form of fear, which most likely has to do with scarcity. Do not limit yourself, expand what is possible. And believe that you will receive what you put out ‘many-fold.’

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Kathleen Hanagan, LCSW, coaches committed individuals and business owners who want to make a difference into breakthrough terrain where they take quantum leaps to manifest the level of success they have been dreaming about. She combines her passion for relationship work, expertise in business, and her mastery in the emotional realm, with her commitment to expanding the consciousness of Oneness on the planet. Her unique mentoring programs, VIP intensives and workshops serve as a roadmap to support those called to contribute their gifts, by helping them release limiting beliefs and patterns and stepping into their brilliance, while manifesting genuine prosperity. Join her at, to apply for a complimentary breakthrough strategy session, which will pave a path to profit with a deep sense of purpose.