Apple, the world’s leading smartphone producer is set to make 2019 one of their biggest years yet, with three new IPhone models. The highlight of these new models is the enhanced camera functionality, three rear cameras for their most expensive model, and two for their other new products.

The New IPhone launches will be following apples most recent XR model, that due to the trade war between the US and China has shown weak sales across the board. This in turn has had a domino effect on apple retailers, as they have slashed prices on the XR this week.

The California based tech giant has stuck to what they know, with their high quality LCD screen, even though the lack luster sales of the XR, contributed to their most recent disappointing revenue projection, in which Apple, for the first time in the last decade issued a revenue warning, sending Apples price per share down over 10%, the biggest intra-day hit in six years.

Apple have no plans to change the LCD model, as a spokesperson for Apple has confirmed the device has been in the production pipeline for months. However looking forward to apples 2020 releases, we can expect to see Apple moving into new territory and making the move towards the OLED (Organic Light-emitting Diode) display for their IPhone and IPad models. Reports suggest as of 2020 Apple will drop the LCD model completely.

As of Monday the 14th January, shares were trading flat pre market, and with the announcement of new products coming this year, and their plans to enhance their products the following year, shareholders and people watching Apple stock are looking forward to a positive trend in share price in the first quarter.

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