How to be a really nice bitch!

I guess I haven’t really explained how you get to be a really nice Bitch. So here it is.
Women are called bitch when they demand and when they get angry.

The secret to being a really nice bitch is to know what you want and ask for it very nicely while you absolutely expect someone to get it for you. Then you over the top appreciate what is delivered even if it is not even close to what you requested.

Expressing appetite is a woman’s biggest challenge. I have spoken about appetite frequently, but what actually is it?
What are the elements that comprise a healthy appetite in this sense?

First in importance is clarity about what you really want.

Second is a method of expressing it. Anyone can start demanding tangible items and more attention, but only those women who practice can learn to deliver an acknowledgement and an order in the same breath.

Third is the response. When a man brings you something you have asked for and it isn’t anything close to what you really wanted, don’t throw it in his face. Acknowledge him for the effort, then correct the order and be appreciative of whatever he brought.

He will get better at delivering as you get better at ordering.

Finally, let go of your meanness. Just give it up. If you practice having appetite with everyone, including the trash man and the carry-out boy at the grocery store, at some point down the road you will notice that your meanness has disappeared and you have become gracious, charming, and very attractive all the time.

I know many of you are asking, “Why do I have to do all the changing? Why can’t the men change?”
The reason is because it isn’t the men who are so unhappy with their relationships. Men are content to listen to bitchiness, and are willing to be reamed as long as they know you will still be there.

They go for comfort while you want perfection.

I can’t tell you how many times I have witnessed a woman ask for something, have their man bring her something entirely different and just get ripped up one side and down the other about how stupid he is and that he can’t get anything right.

Trust me.

That method doesn’t work. Expressing your appetite with class works.

Just accept that there is an element of resentment buried deeply inside of you and decide to give it up before it surfaces. Let men receive their favor and privileges. What does it matter if you are getting what you want?

Stop competing with men.

Adore them, acknowledge them, and appreciate them for the brave, daring, sexy, masculine creatures that they are and work on your own feminine power.

The part of appetite that creates grief for many women is the actual identification of what they want and then saying the words “I want.” There is something little girls learn about being unselfish that really intimidates a lot of women.

So practice. Practice every day with everyone. Practice on your kids, on the mailman, on the bank tellers, the gas station attendants, your boss, and the people who work for you. Just practice, and one day you will notice that you don’t even have to think about it. It has just become the way you are.
You are a beautiful, charming, gracious, very attractive woman who will be referred to as a bitch, however, she will be a really nice bitch.

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