We are moving into the season of the year where we pay our dues and financial homage to our government. It is a period some people would prefer that Time somehow skipped. Many people shudder at the uncertainty of what lies ahead in their personal tax picture, the constantly changing rules and the ominous phrase, “closing the tax gap”. The minions to the gods of government are ever-watchful for that elusive and evasive dollar.

The arduous task of year-end closing and payroll reports is upon many business owners, and W-2 wage earners scramble to gather together all their deductions.

Some people look at the tax collection process as onerous, a necessary evil, an obligation. Some people totally ignore the prospect and go many years without filing tax returns! For many, tax time is not a joyous season, filled with love, abundance and good wishes, but a time when our freedom of choice is removed and we are mandated to pay what the IRS tax code dictates. How can there be good energy flow with that?

Instead of feeding the negative energy monsters, what if there was a way to approach this time with a more positive attitude. After all, if we have to pay taxes, doesn’t that mean we made some money, and that is a good thing?

In many Abundance and Success programs, it is suggested that giving is a great way to stimulate the correct energies for money to flow in. Is it possible to look at the IRS as a big charity? With a charity, we have the choice of who to give to, and how much. That makes for good energy flow. Wouldn’t it be nice to donate to the IRS whatever we felt like and designate where the money went?

Enough dreaming.

The challenge is how to approach this whole IRS situation without letting it destroy our good energy and attitudes. Is it possible to get a benefit from paying our taxes this year and contribute to our own ability to create prosperity? Can we ‘donate’ in such a way that will stimulate more cash flow and abundance?

How will you get the most from your contribution to the IRS this year?

Live well and Prosper
Elaine Correia Dollowitch

Author's Bio: 

Elaine wears two hats- the intuitive healer/coach and the business executive and tax consultant. She enjoys working with numbers and finding a positive approach to tax preparation. For more information go to her website: www.elained.com and www.etaxwisdom.com.