Times are changing; Oprah is gone as are many of the daytime soap operas. TV’s 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. daytime slots are shifting dramatically. It is a primarily female audience that watches at that time. The numbers show that most are seeking personality based or issue oriented programs. Talk shows, game shows and reality shows fill the niche since none require the type of consistent viewing that a traditional drama or comedy does. Busy women can tune in and out throughout the programs. If you’re looking to pitch yourself as a guest on a talk show, never fear, although Oprah is gone, there are a myriad shows out there and more are on the way.

Daytime TV will be talk-heavy; Time Warner will launch a new talk show hosted by CNN anchor Anderson Cooper and Walt Disney’s ABC is in talks with Katie Couric. There is also Talk, the View, Dr.Phil, Dr. Oz, Nate Berkus, Ellen DeGeneres, Rachael Ray and Martha Stewart. “Chew”, featuring chef Mario Batali will launch in September, 2011. And “The Revolution”, from the producers of “The Biggest Loser” will premiere in January, focusing on topics relating to health, weight, and lifestyle.

The courtroom will also probably be more present during the daytime. Judge Judy has been averaging 6 million daily. This type of programming not only appeals to women, but does fairly well with other demographics.

Whether any of the current crop will breakthrough and reach Oprah status is hard to say. It would be difficult to replicate a program and personality with the power of Oprah, but who knows? From a PR perspective, what was for so long considered the golden ring is gone, but there are quite a few avenues out there to pursue. Although its ratings are inconsequential next to what Oprah used to draw, the OWN network has its own shows which are worth a look.

Initially your most important job is to actually watch the shows. Know what stories they cover and how they cover stories. Study the shows and their presentations so you can discover the best ways to pitch your story. Each show has its own signature and its own personality, so learn that before pitching. If you’re presenting yourself as an expert in your field, have stories ready that illustrate exactly why you are the expert. How have you changed your clients’ lives? What can you offer the viewing audience? What makes you unique and different enough to convince a producer to book you as a guest? If you can successfully answer those questions, you’re good to go; it’s time to prepare yourself for your TV guest spot and start your media training.

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