Intellipaat Spark training lets you master real-time data processing using Spark Streaming, Spark SQL, Spark RDD, and Spark Machine Learning libraries (Spark MLlib). One will learn Spark and Scala programming, as well as work on three real-life use cases in this Spark and Scala course. This training has become the most necessary part of the complete course where it teaches them ways to handle the data and manage the upbringings that will add on to the development course and rise high. This training is designed in a way which provides a set of course and few mandatory tests which will justify your learnings. The key features required for this training are as follows:
24 hours Instructor-Led Training

• 22 hours Self-paced Videos
• 60 hours Project work & Exercises
• Certification and Job Assistance
• Flexible Schedule
• Lifetime Free Upgrade
• 24 x 7 Lifetime Support & Access
Spark and Scala Training Overview
Intellipaat Apache Spark and Scala Certification Training Course offers us hands-on knowledge to create Spark applications using Scala programming. It gives us a clear comparison between Spark and Hadoop. The course provides us the techniques to increase application performance and enable high-speed processing using Spark RDDs, as well as to help in the customization of Spark using Scala. Let us discuss Full Stack Big Data Development Training and some of the learnings, which we will get through this training and these are mentioned below:
• Apache Spark and Scala programming
• Difference between Apache Spark and Hadoop
• Scala and its programming implementation
• Implementing Spark on a cluster
• Writing Spark applications using Python, Java and Scala
• RDD and its operation, along with the implementation of Spark algorithms
• Defining and explaining Spark streaming
• Scala classes concept and executing pattern matching
• Scala–Java interoperability and other Scala operations
• Working on projects using Scala to run on Spark applications
• The need of this training is specified under a few points mentioned below :

• Apache Spark is an open-source computing framework that is up to 100 times faster than Map Reduce
• Spark is an alternative form of data processing, which is unique in batch processing and streaming
• This is a comprehensive course for advanced implementation of Scala
• It helps us prepare yourself for Cloudera Hadoop Developer and Spark Professional Certification
• Get professional credibility to our resume so that we get hired faster with high salary
With this, we conclude by understanding the features and benefits of Apache Spark Online Training and also its needs.

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Intellipaat Spark training lets you master real-time data processing using Spark Streaming, Spark SQL, Spark RDD