It is true, and the first thing you have to do, is to make up your mind that you're going to do it, no matter what it takes. You are also going to have to ignore the friends and family members who will try to tell you that you cannot do it. Can you imagine that some people who are close to you, will actually try to tell you that you can't do it? It is very sad, but very true!

I want to repeat those words and you should print them out and put them on your bathroom mirror: Anyone Can Have Their Own Home Based Business If They Really Want A Home Based Business! This also includes YOU!

Now, here is a famous quote from ancient China, probably from Lao-tzu or Confucius..."The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it."

When YOU want to begin you own home based business, you can simply get an eBook that might suggest many different business ideas for you to choose from, or you might peruse the articles here on to find something of interest to you. You might begin selling things on eBay, or you might opt for your own website. You might decide to start making more of your craft items, and selling them for a profit, whether online, or in your own town.

You simply have to get motivated, become enthusiastic, and vow to yourself that you will not quit after a few hours or a few days. Read some motivational materials...daily. I enjoy writing and sending a Daily Motivational e-mail Message, and of late, I have been giving away many Free subscriptions.

There are many free resources and materials to be found online, which can help YOU decide what you want to do, and even give you some information on how to get started.

Please don't think you have to buy a $99 home study manual that claims it will teach you how to make thousands of dollars per day within a few days...this will NEVER happen. I guarantee that all you will do is lose your 99 bucks.

Good things...take time...and even with a home based business that will really work, it will take a while before the money starts to roll in.

The main thing is that if you want a home based business, that you really can do it, just do not listen to the folly of others, or their negativity, and do not get discouraged, and do not give up!

You can do it, you really can, so get started, and don't forget those words of wisdom mentioned earlier.

Many Blessings!

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Father Time is a self help writer and speaker and also has an eBook with over 111 ideas on How Just About Anyone Can Make Money From Home! Visit for more info! He also has a Daily Motivational e-mail and YOU can have a Free Subscription!