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Anxiety is usually a part of our every day lives. Today we live in a fast-paced society that places demands on us that we sometimes have difficulty handling. For many people anxiety becomes a serious problem that is disruptive to their quality of life.

Many people who suffer from severe anxiety will often consult their doctor for anti anxiety medication. There are several medications that work well to relieve the anxiety but they only treat the symptoms and do not offer anything in the way of a cure. These types of medications are also usually narcotics and are potentially habit forming. Another down side to this type of medication is the fact that over time your body builds up a tolerance to the drug and you require stronger doses to achieve the desired results. Breaking the habit of these types of drugs often involves withdrawal symptoms and an increase in anxiety.

What can you do to stop constant anxiety and fear? Is it possible to stop panic attacks without medication?

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You are much better off if you can control your anxiety without the use of anti anxiety drugs. The natural approach is always healthier and provides the safest results. It may take longer to get your anxiety under control without the use of anti anxiety drugs but it can be done if your are willing to take the time to concentrate on your efforts.

You can decrease anxiety if you are physically fit. This usually involves some type of regular exercise and eating a healthy diet. Finding time to walk for 30 minutes, three times a week is a great start at getting physically fit. Getting outside in the fresh air helps increase the endorphins that provide comfort and it helps you to feel relaxed and comfortable. Breathing in the fresh air helps clear your head and makes you forget about your anxiety.

Eating a well balanced diet also helps reduce the chance of an anxiety attack. Stay away from drinks containing caffeine. This means cola drinks, tea, and coffee. Instead stick to natural juice and water. If you must have that cup of coffee in the morning try drinking decaf instead of regular coffee. You will still get that warm start to the day without giving up on your coffee pleasure. You can also buy decaf tea in some stores. While it is best to stay away from these type of drinks entirely, you can have them in moderation if you feel that giving them up entirely is out of the question.

Stay away from chocolate. For many this is almost an impossibility. Real chocolate is full of caffeine. Instead try eating carob or holding your chocolate intake down to one time a week. This will give you something to look forward to and it will then become a real treat.Take time out of your busy life to do something you really like to do at least once a week. Plan an outing on the weekend and stick to your plans. The anticipation of the outing will build as the week progresses and you will have something to concentrate on and look forward to. Maybe this could be an afternoon driving in the country or visiting a mall and shopping without your partner to distract you. Whatever it is you plan should be something that you enjoy. This will help you stay away from anxiety drugs and stay healthy and happy.

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Taking Action

Remember this quote because it has turned my life around and will turn yours around as well, "knowing is not enough, we must apply, willing is not enough we must do."

Taking action makes the result that we want which is overcoming the anxiety disorder possible, life can and will be the way you want it to again and better but as you already may know no one has achieved any goal that they've set out in life without taking action and applying their knowledge. These steps are arming you with tools that if practiced perfectly, with persistence and patience will in time bring your concerns and anxiety levels to a level that it was at one point in your life. Seeing even the smallest achievements from the action that you put in, builds your confidence which is key against panic and anxiety, lifts your spirits, and begins to bring you much needed peace in your life (something I didn't experience for 6 years while battling generalized anxiety disorder). It also does something that you never thought it would do, it inspires others which makes you an inspiration to anyone that knows what you're currently going through. Taking action takes a leap out of what your comfort zone is though, so be prepared. It's very easy to not see results over anxiety in the first few days or weeks and quickly get discouraged and fall back into your comfortable fearing mindset, as well as continue certain lifestyle habits that aren't contributing to your recovery from generalized anxiety. So be prepared to become comfortable being uncomfortable for the time being.

Dennis The Menace Who Plays Tennis

People used to ask me the same question everyday during my professional tennis playing days: "Dennis, how did you get so good at tennis," simply because I took action every single day to improve every aspect of my tennis game. Sometimes my technique needed tweaking or tactically I needed some more practice or even extra fitness. But no matter what the weakness I came across was it was always met with a certain emotion behind it knowing that I needed something to change for the better, and knew that the change would come if I had a set plan and took action until that changed happened.

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Back To The Future

I was searching around the anxiety groups online that I used to use to ask questions on, and not to my surprise I came across three posts (back to back) of people who were suffering at the same time I was! Their posts were:

"Does anxiety make you lay down all day long? I'm not saying I do but dang my energy is gone."

"Here I am thinking I'm gonna go a whole day without palpitations and boom... nope."

"suffering from GAD, what to do?"

The Difference?

So what's the difference between my inspirational recovery from chronic anxiety and panic, and these people who are still suffering to this day? Simply put, a decision. A decision not to take my anxiety with me through my life anymore, and apply the steps I'm outlining in what you're reading here and just to review again those steps again are:

1) Finding the fuel needed to keep change going
2) Complete acceptance that what you're going through is solely related to gad
3) Becoming knowledgeable and building confidence from knowing how gad works
4) Building on the facts that you are still here and panic attacks have never taken anyone's life before
5) Taking daily action to create the change you desire

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Panic attacks can actually appear out of nowhere, making you feel fearful for your life. You may feel sweaty, your heart may start racing, and you may find it difficult to breath. Many people will only suffer from panic attacks when flying on an airplane. The fear they experience while flying can prevent some people from getting on an airplane at all.

If you must fly then you need to do everything you can to calm your fears. The reality is that flying is much safer than driving a car but most of us drive on a daily basis. Before your flight you should do your research to prove to yourself how few mishaps actually occur on an airplane. It is true that when a plane crashes it is usually devastating and many are killed. But you must also remember that twice that many people die behind the wheel of a car every day.

If you have a fear of flying there are some things you can do to prevent a panic attack on an airplane. In advance of your flight you can start programming your mind to get over your fear. While this is not always easy, it can be done with persistence and patience.

Each day take time to relax and close your eyes. When you are completely relaxed try to envision yourself boarding an airplane. Start at the ticket booth when you first enter the airport. Envision yourself purchasing your tickets and take a good look at everything around you. Try doing this for several days before you advance to the next level. Once you see that there is nothing to fear about purchasing your tickets then you will be ready to move on.

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Picture yourself checking in your luggage. There are several other people around you that are doing the exact same thing that you are doing and they are not afraid. Look around and determine that there is nothing to fear here. Then you can move on.

Imagine yourself walking up the walkway to board the plane. Here again there are several people around you doing the same thing and they are not afraid. You should notice that there is nothing around to make you afraid.

After you have boarded the airplane and you are still not anxious then you should picture yourself sitting on the plane and fastening your seatbelt. This may be the most difficult part of the process so you may want to give this particular level a few extra days. At this point you need to start some deep breathing exercises. Slowly breathe in and slowly exhale. This will help you relax even more and will also help you distribute oxygen throughout your body.

If you practice these steps well in advance of your flight you will be better prepared for any anxiety that you encounter when you actually take your flight. When you feel that you are starting to feel anxious you can go back in your mind to that relaxing place that you were in before the flight. Being mentally prepared for anxiety will help you deal with the anxiety better once you are faced with it.

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One of the questions I get asked on a daily basis is: How do I stop my anxiety attack symptoms?

There are a hundred different answers to this question, maybe more, and which one is right will depend on a whole host of factors that are unique to each of us. But there are a few things that are universal - things that, if improved or implemented, will alleviate or even eliminate anxiety attack symptoms in all of us. And one of these things is improving the quality of sleep you're getting.

Sleep, after all, is when our body repairs itself and re-energizes for the next day. If you're not getting lots of high quality sleep then you'll certainly experience many more anxiety attack symptoms than you need to, and they'll often be far more severe than they need to be too.

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So what I have for you is a very quick tip on how to start getting more quality sleep. And it's simple too. You know those relaxation sounds you can buy on CDs? Sounds of the ocean, sounds of the forest, that kind of thing. Well, if you listen to one of those for 5 or 10 minutes each night as you lie in bed, it gets your body and mind in just the right place for a good night's sleep.

This is one of the tricks I used to beat my own problems with anxiety and panic (and also with insomnia). If you start listening to these relaxation sounds before bed, I think you'll begin to see and feel a difference with your sleep and with your anxiety attack symptoms in just a few days.

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