If someone has anxiety problems, they may have a strong need to find a way to change their life. Then again, they could simply tolerate what is taking place and do the best that they can to keep it together.

Undoubtedly, it is going to be far better if someone has a strong need to change their life. Naturally, they are far more likely to find the assistance that they need if they are this way.

Their Experience

Anxiety has been described as fear spread thinly, which means that it is not the same as fear. Even so, that doesn’t mean that one won’t experience fear if they have anxiety problems.

When one experiences anxiety, they are unlikely to be rooted in their body and they will feel on edge. Therefore, although they will have a body that supports them, it could be as though they have no foundations.

A Lot Going On

In addition to feeling on edge, there can be all of the thoughts that race around their mind and the different sensations that they experience. When it comes to their thoughts, they might not have many supportive thoughts.

Alternatively, their mind could just go blank during this time. As for the sensations that they experience, their stomach and chest could feel tight, causing their breath to be very shallow.

One Step Further

If one experiences a lot of anxiety, they could have what is often described as an ‘anxiety attack’. It might be hard for them to breath, their heart rate could rapidly increase, they could start to sweat and tremble, and they could end up feeling sick or dizzy.

This experience is then going to be very different to the other type of anxiety, although that is not to downplay the other type. Along with what could be classed as the two extremes, there is another type, where one is always in a state of mild anxiety.

Under The Radar

Their heart rate could speed up and they could hold their breath from time to time, but in general, they might not even realise that they are anxious. Thanks to how subtle it is, it might have taken them a while to figure out what is going on.

They are going to experience adrenalin and to be stuck in survival mode, but it won’t be so extreme that they can’t handle life. On the other hand, if one has one is more or less always in a state of extreme anxiety and/or has anxiety attacks on a regular basis; it will most likely be a different story.

One Big Challenge

If they have a job or a vocation, it could be hard for them to handle the work that they have and to be around others. It could even be so bad that they have had to leave where they work.

Socialising and spending time in public places could also be something that is generally too much of them to handle. When it comes to the end of the day, it could be very hard for them to get to sleep.

A Closer Look

The big question on their mind is going to be: why are they experiencing life in this way? It would be good if anxiety was caused by one thing as this would mean that it wouldn’t take long to find a solution.

However, even though there is not one cause, it doesn’t mean this is something that is widely understood. As a result of this, one could end up believing that there is and try a certain approach that might only change their life for a little while.

Number One

One thing that may be causing them to experience life in this way is the fact that they are carrying trauma. This could relate to an experience or a number of experiences that they had as an adult or as a child, that overwhelmed their whole system and were unable to be integrated.

This would have had an impact on both of their brains (the one in their head and the one in their gut) and nervous system; their brain chemistry would have been disrupted and their nervous system would have been weighed down. Until they deal with the trauma that is inside them, they won’t be able to actually move on from what happened.

Number Two

Another thing that may be behind how they experience their life is a diet that lacks the right nutrients. Their body is then going to be deficient in a number of things, and they could have a body that is loaded with toxins.

Until they start to eat the right foods, to take the right vitamins and minerals, and to cleanse their body, they won’t be able to shift what is taking place. This is not to say that they are not carrying trauma, though, as trauma could play a part in what is going on.

For Example

Through carrying trauma, it can stop their body from being able to utilise what they are consuming. Just as someone can see everyone as a threat when they are in survival mode, their body can see all food as a threat if they are in survival mode.

Also, through spending so much time feeling overwhelmed, it might not be possible for their body to keep up with their stress levels. The outcome of this is that their hormone levels can be out of balance and their health can suffer.


If one has anxiety problems due to where they live, what they do and/or who they spend their time with, it could still be linked to trauma. What they experienced may have destroyed their self-worth, sense of trust and sense of safety, thereby causing them to put up with things that don’t serve them.

And if it is due to the fact that they spend a lot of time on social media and/or consuming the mainstream media, they will need to take a step back and to reflect on whether or not living in this way is serving them. They could look into if there is anything missing in their life and/or why they are drawn to the mainstream media’s negativity and fear-mongering.

Ultimately, if someone is in a bad way, it will be vital for them to reach out for support. This could be a therapist or a healer, or it could be from a dietician; what matters is that they do something.

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