The Panic Away program uses a technique referred to as the 21-7 technique or One Move technique. It is a approach of tackling the root causes of General Anxiety Disorder and Panic Attacks. The process of reoccurring panic attacks is some thing of a vicious cycle. As soon as an individual has had a panic attack, they are continuously fearful of having one more 1 and anxiety will usually grow to be prevalent in that persons everyday life. The Panic Away 1 Move method uses a cognitive approach of conventional psychology to help sufferers overcome the fear of having further attacks. In contrast to far more outdated exercises which focus on coping with attacks when they happen, this technique aims to get at the deep set fear and anxiety that causes attacks. On the surface, it is a really straightforward notion if you consider it.

The program has had a huge success rate with so far, over 50,000 users of the program achieving positive results. A big number of these success stories are accessible on the Panic Away official web site inside the type of audio testimonies.

The 21-7 method was developed by Joe Barry, who was former sufferer of panic attacks and anxiety. It was right after attempting all the exercises he could locate, reading as significantly material as accessible in order to lessen his attacks and even though studying with leading psychologists that he made his breakthrough hypothesis. He explains on his internet site that panic attacks occurred in 20 minute wave like formations and that an attack may be triggered hours prior to it in fact manifests itself. Panic attacks wont harm you physically as its just a process of the brain misinterpreting signals from the bodys senses creating it believe that it really is immediate danger. This is then further exacerbated by the fear of having an attack and the anxiety that the sufferer will develop because of it. He spent years developing and honing the method in conjunction with top psychologists to develop a program that is effortlessly taught and learned in an effort to assist other people who suffer as he did,even if they had been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks for years.

The Panic Away 1 Move technique doesnt bombard the individual with science of the brain. Instead, it aims to deliver the means by which a sufferer of anxiety and panic attacks can overcome their fear and reduce their levels of anxiety, by employing a type of conventional psychology that conveys all of the present suggestions surrounding anxiety and panic attacks. It tackles this root trigger so effectively, that almost each and every among the individual testimonies on the internet site state that that individual no longer suffers from panic attacks and they have dramatically decreased their levels of anxiety.

Based on Joe Barry, as soon as a person has learned this technique, they've a new outlook towards their anxiety and panic attacks. They overcome their fears and really often stop having attacks altogether. It is a technique that they are able to use for the rest of their lives and makes it possible for them to stop a panic attack in less than 10 seconds from the moment they feel one occurring.

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