When people start talking about anxiety disorder, panic attack and mood disorders, the first thing that comes into mind is terror. These people feel that way since these individuals know that you will face a lot of challenges when you start to undergo such condition. Additionally, experiencing such disorders can produce a lot of hassles because you would not know when they strike and they come without any prior warnings.

Is there really an accepted reason for all the fears that is surrounding anxiety, panic attack disorder and the like? Most definitely there is none. Despite the fact that these disorders are really uncomfortable, they are still ways you can do so as to manage them. What do I mean by this? What I am trying to point out here is try to learn the basic things about your disorder then you will sooner or later learn how to control them.

The most common method being used to control the disorder is by avoiding its triggers and these people think they have solved the problem already. On the opposite, things are just getting worse as avoiding the triggers will just prolong your agony as it is only a temporary solution. Regardless of the things you do, it may never be a 100% guarantee that you will be able to prevent triggers of anxiety disorder panic attacks.

Why not try using natural ways of getting a permanent cure rather than avoidance which can also provide you temporary solution. Among the natural ways I am talking about is meditation. By doing meditation, you are efficiently releasing all pent up negative emotions inside you.

In combination with the therapy, correct and appropriate way of breathing is important. During panic or anxiety attacks, there is a very big propensity that you will hyperventilate. When hyperventilating, an individual might have the tendency to pass out and experience electrolyte imbalances in the body. Try to hit two birds in one stone, breath correctly then you will be calm and prevent those things from happening.

Pursed lip breathing is the best breathing technique that could help you when hyperventilating. This type of breathing is executed by deeply inhaling through the nose, and slowly exhaling through your pursed lip. This will maximize your intake of oxygen and minimizes the release of carbon dioxide.

Apart from meditation and proper breathing, you may also try drinking chamomile tea that is proven to help calm your nerves. There is no specific explanation for this however, many Chinese locals claim that chamomile tea are really effective sedatives. Drink it every night before going to sleep and you will start waking up to more peaceful mornings.

Those are some of the things that will help manage your panic and anxiety attacks. Yet, it would be best to visit a physician for you to identify what would be the best medical intervention for you case. There are still of course the more aggressive forms such as the cognitive behavioral therapy and the use of medications to stop and cure your panic and anxiety attacks.

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