Learn how to heal anxiety attack symptoms which be defined as an

over whelming rush or surge of anxious or negative feelings of

emotional stress, which could later develop into depression.

Here again emotional stress is very similar to anxiety symptoms

and stress is revealed by the feelings or emotional awareness of

a surge or a rush of anxious and nervous feelings that may seem

over whelming at times.

We may also observe that anxiety attack symptoms like stress may

be defined as a surge of negative, emotional drama that produces

feelings or awareness of anxiety.

Both anxiety and stress are linked to our natural and normal

human emotion of fear.

Fear may be associated with a loss of something important to

us. Fear of losing a job or fear of losing a loved one often

creates anxiety or stress symptoms.

Fear of having a conflict or disagreement can produce stress and

anxiety attack symptoms.

Of course some levels of stress or anxiety are both normal and

natural simply because that our human emotion of fear is one of

our basic human emotions.

Fear is absolutely essential to humans in order to help protect

us from making foolish or dangerous decisions that could be

damaging to our physical well being.

Fear helps us to avoid walking out into the middle of a busy

freeway or jumping from a tall building.

Anxiety Attack Symptoms:

Fear also protects us mentally and emotionally.

Fear teaches us not to scream into someone's face or to make

threatening remarks to others.

Fear teaches us to be afraid of death. Without the emotion of

fear most humans would likely have died long ago.

Anxiety attacks or high levels of stress over long periods are

not usually considered to be normal.

Too mush stress can and often does create an anxiety attack in

some people.

Anxiety attacks are a warning sign that the emotion of fear has

become abnormally high and has gotten out of sync with otherwise

normal levels of stress or normal levels of fear.

People who experience re-occurring anxiety attacks for no

apparent reason may have lost control over their normal and

natural emotion of fear.

In others words, this loss of control of fear is also likely

associated with the loss of control over their thought or

thinking process.

In order to control our emotions we absolutely must also control

our thoughts that are related to the cause of too much stress.

In order to over come too much anxiety and stress we must take a

careful and deep self examination of how and why that we process

our thoughts that produces the awareness of anxiety and stress.

These observations lead us to the following questions.

What am I thinking about?

Why do I think about it?

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