ANTs Verses APTs is a Head Thing

Some people pick-up the strategies, techniques and tactics
of Speed Reading in 20-minutes, others in 2-hours,
some, in five-hours.

Still others take up to “one-week” to feel comfortable with
using Speed Reading We are all different based on
the ‘self-talk’ going on in our mind about “new-stuff”.

Scientific Facts:
a) we humans have an average of 60 thousand thoughts
pass through our mind DAILY. One-per second.

b) 95% of these thoughts are a repeat from yesterday,
and the day-before. They’re an almost daily occurrence.

c) Now get this: according to the research of Dr. Daniel
Amen, neuro-psychiatrist: 80% of these thoughts (60,000),
are Negative about your expectations and activities.

So What?

1. Thoughts (good or bad) give birth to our feelings – and
feelings are the basis for our behaviors.

2. Dr. Amen calls the Negative thoughts – ANTs –
Automatic Negative Thoughts. The Positive thoughts, he
calls APTs, Automatic Positive Thoughts.

Who Cares?

You and I care because they have a way of controlling our
actions, and even how we perform at school, our career,
and in all our relationships.

These automatic thoughts are the “little voice” you hear in
your mind, and called “Internal Dialogue”, “Self-Talk”,
and “Stream of Consciousness”.

ANTs and APTs even flash pictures and mental-movies
on our retina like horror-nightmares. They’re scary.

Wait, ANT’s create worry, anxiety, chronic-stress, and
angst, that stop us from Acing exams, making strong
presentations, and winning interviews.

ENDWORDS: ANTs ruin your good “moods, attitudes, and
well-being”. What can we do about ANT’s?

• Stop using extreme words like “terrible”, “horrible”
and “disgusting”.

• Stop Blaming-Criticizing-Complaining-Nagging yourself.
to be perfect or normal like your friends.

• Avoid “threatening” and “punishing” yourself for not
quickly learning and remembering. Don’t call yourself
stupid-a dummy- or a loser. It affects your work.

• Begin using words that “support”, “befriend”, and
“encourage” your learning new things. “I know you
can do this because you have a pattern of success.”

• Remind yourself of a specific “historical-success” like
acing a grade or test, or getting a bonus or promotion.

3. Repeat this Affirmation just before your wake up in the
morning (hypnopompic), just before you fall asleep
(hypnogogic), and lunch time. It takes 3-4 minutes.

Five-Times (5x) “Every day in every way I’m getting
better-and-better. Every day in every way I’m speed
reading better-and-better.

“Every day in every way I’m getting better-and-better.
Every day in every way I’m speed reading better and better.”

4. KEY POINT: whatever you repeat mentally or verbally
(aloud), with feeling, for 21 consecutive days, becomes a
habit and goes on auto-pilot, and becomes real.

5. KEY: the thoughts you have consistently, have power over
your feelings and actions. They are NOT just “words”,
they become your “beliefs”, and change your behaviors.

6. Mental Visualizations

You can Daydream instantly. If you decide to picture a
Zebra with the American flag printed on its back, you
can see it in your mind’s eye instantly.

You can imagine APTs the same way, by choosing to
visualize in your mind’s eye:

Imagine Acing an exam, getting a “A” or “100%”,
or seeing yourself getting raise or a promotion in your career.

The more reps you do, the stronger your belief becomes.

It is NOT, “I’ll believe it when I see it!”. Say and think,
“When I believe and feel it first, then I’ll SEE it in my life.”

These paragraphs are important for improving your relationships,
your career and school success, and even for wealth-building.

For today, use APTs (Automatic Positive Thoughts) to ACE
Speed Reading You will permanently triple your
learning-speed, and double your long-term memory.

See ya,

copyright © 2012, H. Bernard Wechsler

Author's Bio: 

Author of Speed Reading For Professionals, published by
Barron's Educational Series. Business partner of
Evelyn Wood, creator of speed reading, graduated 2-million,
including the White House staffs of four U.S. Presidents.