I have a special treat, as I’m pulling today’s article directly out of my 12-point Speak-to-Sell Signature Talk Formula.

This is #10, which is addressing the top three objections your ideal clients are likely to have to investing in your product, program or service. You can also call these barriers to buying.

The beauty of the Speak-to-Sell Signature Talk Formula is that it applies in any speaking or selling situation -- whether you’re on stage, face to face with a prospective client or doing a teleseminar or webinar preview call. After you’ve walked your audience or prospect through your invitation, you want to say, “Let me now answer the top three questions I always get, and if you have further questions, I'll stick around a few minutes.”

That way, instead of a long line of people in the back of the room, or a flurry of emails, all asking the same question, you can handle those questions all at once, right from the stage or during the call, video or preview call.

In order to do that, of course you need to know what their questions are going to be. So, ahead of time, you want to do this simple exercise:

Take away the objections that keep them from buying!

How to Determine Your Ideal Clients’ Barriers to Buying

1. Ask yourself what the top three reasons are that people don't invest in your offer.

They may be some of the common concerns: The timing is not good. I'm too busy. I don't have the money. I don't trust myself to do the work. I'm just getting started. I'm not sure it will work for me. Or one or more might be specifically related to your expertise. For instance, people sometimes tell me that they already have a keynote address, not realizing that a keynote and a Speak-to-Sell Signature Talk have vastly different goals and results.

2. Answer each of the top three objections.
Before you get on stage or on the call, you want to write out the answers to each of those objections, and then during your presentation, address them. When I do this during a talk or webinar, I put up a slide that reveals each of the objections, one-by-one, as I click on it.
For instance, at the top of my list of objections is, “What if I'm just getting started?” I answer that with, "Oh, I wish I could've gotten my hands on all of you when you were just getting started! I hate that some of you went out and built all of this material and then found out that you had missed the mark. Or that you created all these different courses or offerings, instead of one core program and one Signature Talk and one Irresistible Offer that you could really hit it out of the park with and get known for.”

Then I go on to the next objection, until I have dispatched them all.

Sometimes people resist addressing objections, because they think they’re putting ideas into people’s head. But the truth is, those objections are there already. And if you don’t speak to them, they’re going to fester, and poison the inner knowing that your ideal clients have that today is the day. Today is the day when they’re going to make the move to close the gap and end their pain.

By anticipating and answering their main objections, you’re giving them one more piece of what they need to say yes to themselves through you, on the spot.

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