Virtual World is evolving on a regular basis with designing trends changing within a fraction of seconds. As the trends are changing really fast in this industry it's quite necessary for the web designers to constantly keep an eye on them to keep up with such dynamic trends.

We are almost near to the end of the year 2012, so this is the right time to prepare for 2013. Now the question arises, What the Designers Have To Prepare For the upcoming year?

So to make the work easier for the designers we present you some valuable predictions of upcoming Web designing trends of 2013:

Responsive Web Designs

Nowadays responsive web designs are catching up fast in the Web development industry. Responsive web designs popularity has increased from leaps and bounds because of increasing use of smartphones and tablets around the globe. Each device whether it's a desktop or a mobile phone have a different screen size and if you have to design a website for every possible screen size it is going to be a very costly affair and practically impossible. Therefore, responsive web designing is the safest bet for web designers in the upcoming year.

Single Page Layouts

HTML5 is an advanced technology that made designing of a dynamic single page layout with superb animation capabilities a cake walk. HTML5 is advancing really fast and it can provides dynamic single page layout for your website easily. HTML language had brought a revolution in web designing industry using HTML5 with CSS3 and jQuery plugins, and had already ruled out the use of flash files.. Therefore we can say that single page layout is expected to be in trends of 2013.

Brand Over Design

Too much emphasis on design of the website can overpower the corporate logo and at last your brand. Several designers did that blunder in the past by making web design so glamorous that had overpowered the message of the company. But designers are now aware of these consequences therefore, designers are following a subtle approach in designing. So they would focus more on corporate message than design. Brand over design is the new mantra for 2013.

Vertical Scrolling

As consumer is still considered as a king it's duty of designers to provide website visitors with superior and user friendly interface. Therefore to improve the user experience in any website the designers must take care that when a visitor is scrolling down through a webpage, the menu header should also go down with scrolling so that the visitor would not have to go all the way up to click on the menu. Vertical scrolling is surely improving the usability and experience of users and is surely going to catch up in trends of 2013.

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