Antibiotics cure bacterial infections very easily. They are the medications specifically meant for treating the bacterial infections. They destroy the infections causing microorganisms. Both gram positive and gram negative bacterial infections are easily cured by the antibiotics. Antibiotics cure bacterial infections irrespective of their type. The antibiotics are prescription medicine that must be taken only after you consult the doctor. Remember that taking the antibiotics for any other cause than that of the bacterial infections can result into serious side effects. Sometimes coma and sudden heart attack are being reported when the person took antibiotics in excess. So, I would strongly recommend here to use the antibiotics as per the dosage mentioned by the doctor.

Bacteria attack the body of the host through any external body. The get attached to the human body and start multiplying on the host body. This way they destroy the immune system of the infected person and start putting negative impact on the health. You must remember that bacterial infections is not treated in time may lead to the serious consequences. So, please consult the doctor immediately if you feel that you are being infected by any of the infection causing bacteria. It is obligatory to consult the doctor and do the laboratory tests to confirm the bacterial infection because this will help to know that which bacteria are causing the infection. Depending on this the doctor would be able to prescribe the antibiotic medicine. Ironically, we know that taking antibiotics without consulting the doctor is harmful, but still we do this mistake and land in some problematic situation.

The working of the antibiotics is based on its natural phenomenon to act as a parasite for the other bacteria. These bacteria have got the inborn property to destroy the other bacteria. Antibiotics are the most effective medication against the bacterial infections. In the last century many deaths were noted by the bacterial infections. But, the in beginning of this century the research work done by the Sir. Alexander Fleming put the focus of the antibacterial property of some bacteria. The first antibiotic that was discovered was named as penicillin as it was discovered from penicillium. This was the revolution in the medical fraternity as the result-oriented mode of treatment of bacteria was introduced.

The antibiotics cure bacterial infections by culminating the nutrient supply to the bacterial colonies. This results in the starvation of the bacteria and they die. Some antibiotic acts on the host part on which bacteria are growing. The host is destroyed so bacteria can not grow and they get killed. In about 6 to 7 days you can overcome the bacterial infections completely. In few severe cases it may take 10 days to get complete relief from the bacteria. Aerobic as well as anaerobic bacterial infections are cured with the help of the antibiotics. So, if you are suffering with any of the bacterial infections they take the antibiotics as they are most effective treatment, but only after consulting the doctor.

Antibiotics are basically of two types. The one which stops the multiplication of the bacteria is known as the bacteriostatic antibiotic. Another type of antibiotic is one which destroys the causing bacteria. This type of antibiotic is known as bactericidal. Depending upon the severity of the infection doctor will prescribe you the antibiotic. As the medical assumptions bacteriostatic antibiotic is used at the preliminary stage and not so severe bacterial infections. Bactericidal antibiotic is secondary level antibiotic used to kill the bacterial and is used in severe cases of infection. Please remember that antibiotics are affective only against bacterial infections, they are not effective against viral or fungal infections.

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